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My sample pack experience with the R41

So first off, I'm an intermediate wet shaver. I have a fairly sensitive skin and very very strong facial hair, it defies gravity. It's thick but not super thick, and the hairs are big. The thickest parts are the moustache, chin and the neck/jaw. It grows in a million directions. I usually shave every 1.5/2 days. I use the Palmolive shaving cream.

I got this sampler 2 months ago on Amazon and here are my findings:
The winner: Shark SS - an absolute dream. Impossible to get cut, but doesn't tug. Gentle, no blade feel, good durability for the price. Just a marvelous blade, it glides around my jawline with ease and no nicks. It is a clear winner.
2nd place: Lord Platinum - sharp, but feels smooth, doesn't irritate the skin but it requires more attention when shaving. It's not behind Shark by much, if you are a person who prefers sharper blades then certainly I would recommend this blade.
3rd place: Astra SS - very similar to Shark, comparable sharpness, but occasionally I'd get a tiny bit of irritation, so not as gentle as the Shark

The mid tier:
Gilette Platinums/Rapira Platinum Lux
- sharp enough, although the Rapira did tug a bit for some reason under the nose. These blades are a safe bet, but nothing particularly impressive about them. To me, they're a tiny tiny bit too rough.
Voskhod - just an okay shave, the blade skipped a bit. Won't really cut you, but it won't knock your boots off. I'd say it's better for beginners with the R41 than the Rapira/Gilette Platinums.

The no-no tier:
Astra SP
- gave me a million blood dots on my neck, for the life of me I can't understand why. My technique is identical to the other blades. I truly don't know why, but obviously it's not for my face.
Derby - just too dull, too tuggy for my beard
Ladas - by far the worse, this blade literally chewed up my face. The edge looked uneven after every shave, it felt like shaving with a piece of an aluminum can.

For some reason, it seems I like the Lord blades and dislike the Mostoglemash ones, which are just a bit too rough for my skin. Before the R41 I used the KCG, I'd say this ranking of blades would also apply to it.
I hope this has been helpful to someone at least. Cheers.
@Rivers23 I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that likes Shark SS blades. Not my favorite blade, but I can achieve a great shave with them rather easily. I'm trying to downsize my collection so if you're interested in a free 100pk send me a pm.
Lord blades, especially Sharks, often fly under the radar around these parts! Glad you enjoy them!!

And get ready for ‘SHARK WEEK!’ (that coincides with Discovery Channel’s yearly event.)
Interesting opinion on the Voskhod blades, I’ve found these to be quite good but very picky about what razor they are used in. For example I can get a great 1 or 2 pass shave with these in an R41, but in a milder razor such as the 34C they seem blunt and tend to ‘skip’.


Even more clueless than you
Thanks for sharing your insights. It is strange how different blades respond in different razors and on different faces. It all part of the rich adventure called wet shaving.
I do not own an R41, but I can imagine how great the Shark SS would be in it.

I use it in a Yintal Bronze, which registers as aggressive I think, and the shaves are ridiculous, leave my skin soft and fresh like a baby's.
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