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Love all of these!,:lol:


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I really like the Mudder Focker and The Freedburg. The Catie's Bubbles soaps you've chosen are really nice as well. Very nice selection.
What do you think about the Boucles Fruite from Catie's Bubbles? I've been contemplating ordering this soap, but am skeptical. I just placed an order for Quatre Cent Vingt, but chickened out on the BF.
It's smells like a bowl of fruit loops!, great lather , plenty of cushion, I like it, my fave is knee high to blueberry!,,my bathroom smells like blueberry pies are cooking in there.:)) real great smell and lather from all of caties, !,
Where's the Mike's? I think you're holding out on us, Billylilly!:w00t:
.:)) hey blade, I have a lot of soap but I just got into mikes, I ordered some lime, like 3 weeks ago still not here yet, I ordered coconut last week so I'm not expecting that for another month or so , it seems mike is always playing catch up but that's the way it is sometimes when you have a great product!,,looking forward to mikes!,
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