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My review of Apple Fitness+

I've been using the free trial of Apple Fitness+ since it launched about a week ago. I've done 5 or 6 workouts with it--spin, treadmill, core, and cooldowns. So far I find the trainers engaging and likable and I enjoy the consistency of the workouts. It's really easy to find something I want to work out to, along with music I enjoy. I like how I see my watch stats on the screen, along with the calorie burn bar to see how my effort compares to others who've done the same class.

The bad (or good, depending on your preferences) is that I find it a bit sterile. All workouts are set up the same with 3 people doing the same workout at different levels of difficulty. I'd like a little more variation in gyms and layouts--but if you're into things that always look the same then I guess you'd appreciate that.

Overall, I'm enjoying it. I've never tried the Peloton app, but I have used Nike Training Club, Fit On, and of course various YouTube videos. I think I'm going to subscribe because I trust that Apple will keep improving it and the integration with Apple Watch clinches it for me.


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
I just added it this morning. Really good stuff.
Our 7 year old taught me how to mirror my phone to the tv. Great for some of the workouts.
I already did a 10 minute row with intervals. It was fun. A good workout for something so quick.
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