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My own mixed shave oil

Today I've mixed a shaving oil from other 3 oils.
2 drops of baby oil, 2 drops of massage oil (contains rosemary, and grapeseed oil, 2 drops tea tree oil.
I've massaged the mixture on my wet face for aprox. 1 minute, then wet my face again, started to build up the leather on my face cause I'm using a shave stick.(Speick)
Result: Very good shave, no irritation or razor burn, altough my skin is very sensitive.
I didnt use any cream after the Speick splash !!! (The oil was enough before the shave)
If you can try it....
castor and olive oil are too thick for me. doesn't absorb fast enough. aloe, jojoba oil and argan oil all absorb very quickly, moisturizing for the preshave. give them a try when you see a bottle at your local RX
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