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My Newton Pens

Shawn is a hobbyist here on B&B, see his thread:


I contacted him some time ago and asked if he wanted some of my pen making materials. Since I have pretty much switched completely to Shaving brushes, I thought someone who is making great pens has more use for these materials. I asked him in return to make a couple of pens, and so he did. I asked for a clear demonstrator and one of his choice. He made me a pen from Cumberland ebonite rod I had sent him.

Both pens are great!! They are big, but very well balanced and not heavy at all. The workmanship is outstanding. Both pens write right out of the box perfectly. The clear one has an italic nib and the other one has a stub nib. Both are medium nibs. I am not used to the italic, but the more I use it, I enjoy it more and more. Wish I had more time to do a thorough review, but work and brush making keeps me very busy.
Here are a couple of pictures, if you have time, check Shawn's pens out!!

I've looked at those pens plenty too.
Thanks for sharing Rudy.
The more you use italic nibs the more you will like them.
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