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My new watch (1 week old)

I did a serious collection downsizing recently, and the last watches that I sold were a Seamaster Planet Ocean, a Speedmaster Sapphire Sandwich (I might regret that one however), and two Weiss watches. Well, with the money from the downsizing (I went from a dozen watches to three), I decided to get one more watch, straight from the dealer (which is rare for me, only the second time in 12 years that I buy a watch at retail!).

This gorgeous 39mm white dialed watch will be henceforth my daily wearer, and will keep company to my Rolex Submariner Ceramic (no date) and my two Tudor (Black Bay red bezel and Black Bay Heritage).

For the little story, two weeks ago I went to buy it, then got cold feet at the last minute, thinking how I could justify dropping so much cash on a watch. But then I realized that's the same money I had tied in a bunch of different watches (the ones I sold), so all in all I wasn't putting that much more cash down. I also thought that the money I had gathered by selling my watches (including the ones in my regular rotation) would have gone to a whole bunch of other expenses in the longer term, and would basically be disappearing little by little (even maybe buying more watches without the itch properly being scratched). And lastly I thought that should I choose to sell it, I would quickly make back a big portion of the money (since I take very good care of my watches).

So last week I went and bought it! Absolutely infatuated!

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