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    So I've been trying to shine this ol' girl up all evening to no avail. Got it for a good price, but I think the plating is pitted. Definitely still usable, but certainly not pretty. Just wondering if there's anything I can do to make her a little prettier aside from a re-plate. Suggestions and comments appreciated!

  1. I have been using Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish with a microfiber cloth on mine. For the difficult spots I use a very light touch with a Dremmel wheel pad and the polish just to give it an extra sheen over pitting areas.

    Hope that helps.
  2. Thanks for the tips, mate. I'll have to bust out my Dremel and see what comes of it. I'll update soon!
  3. My Pleasure, just be sure to only allow the buffing wheel with some polish on it to VERY lightly glide over the surface, kinda like shaving, "No Pressure" that way it does not eat into the finish. YMMV but it has worked well on all three that I did it to.

    This is the before and after of the silo doors of the 60' Fatboy I got in the mail today:
    View attachment 586650

    And After:
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