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My New Robert Willams Razor

I had to post about my new Custom Razor. I am in straight razor heaven now. Robert delivers once again. This is a 8/8" 1/4 grind with a big barbers notch, ergo grip, and super long paddle tail. The scales are pre-ban Ivory. It shaves like a dream and balances perfectly. Everything about it just feels right. Whips around my face like a razor half it's size. Here are some pics. Thank you Robert!



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I don't know how he does it. I am always at a loss to explain how I like his work. Stunning as usual and I would bet that in person it is more awesome than any picture could relate.

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Scary, I just got mine in the mail. It's a very similar razor, 7/8 barber's notch with a monkey tail. I had it scaled in giraffe bone. Looks similar enough that you saved me the trouble of posting pics :p

Can't wait til tomorrow to shave with it!
That is a great looking razor. How do you go about having one of these made? Is there a website where you can contact him? Is he a member here?
Thanks everyone. I have to stress once again how awesome his razors are. I have shaved with one before I instantly placed my order. I am also in the queue again for another one.

I have shaved with 3 or 4 different custom razor makers (I won't name them) and while they shave well, nothing compares to the functional beauty of RW's razors. They look amazing and shave better. And yes, pics can't do it justice. He currently has quite a long queue but its worth it.
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