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My new "rice bowl"

So when I'm out and about I'm always keeping my eyes out for something that would work great as a soap bowl.

my criteria for a soap bowl are as follows:

- MUST have a lid
- nice smooth edges to not damage brush
- not too big, not too small
- NO PLASTIC (I'm weird)
- and finally, a con caved bottom would help with keeping the soap in place (have yet to try melting anything)

so while going through the clearance section I came across these, labeled rice bowls, for $3!! Picked up a few (building my future PIF Post :wink2:)

so I went to Target and sure enough...there it was! on clearence just like you said and I bought one! looks like it will work great for me C&E soap
Picked one up yesterday and used it this AM, great bowl. Filled it with hot water, closed the lid and it was nice and warm when I got out of the shower. Worked out well I used my old bowl (blue and green Van Der Hagen) to soak my brush.
I've seen these at all the Asian food markets too, but never thought about using as a soap bowl. Guess my view on these things are going to start changing as I start using the DE razors.
I'm glad more are seeing this now, sure beats paying an arm and a leg for a bowl. Especially for me, working where I am now I don't have the luxury of the great products shown here :crying:

One day.... One day :thumbup1:
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