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My new Gold Dollar 100

So i got my first Straight after using a shavette for the last 6 months. I made an attempt to hone it and it was close but not there still needs some work and my finishing stones still in transit but any way here's a pic what do you think? $GD 100.jpg
Once you hone it, it will be a great shaver. These things are a steal for the price. I actually like the iridescent scales. This was my first new razor, and was kind of a gateway drug. Now I have far too many vintage straights.
The scales are what sold me on it. I'll admit to taking it to my face tonight on 4 days of growth it made a valiant effort and did shave but just wasnt there yet. When my new stone comes in and i get it lapped i'll start it over from bevel set and work my way up if nothing else its good practice.

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Welcome to the rabbit hole.

Hard to tell but like most of these razors yours looks like it might have a stabilizer issue. I seem to be seeing a big reflecty spot at the heel. To get the edge bearing properly on the hone, you may need to prioritize that spot by elevating the nose, to get the intrusive spot knocked down. Me, I remove the stabilizer entirely and this is fairly common practice with Gold Dollars.

Here's a trick for getting an edge finer than a coarse stone could normally get it. Hone normally but once you are "tthere", continue, with gradually decreasing pressure. Be careful to keep the edge full length on the stone. Now rinse all swarf or slurry off, add lather to the stone, and slowly and carefully reduce pressure until the blade is pretty much just floating in a lather film and not really in contact with the stone. The shave will surprise you. It's how you can get a great shave off of just a barber hone, and even your bevel setter can generally give you a practical shaving edge with this technique. The trick is lots and lots of laps as you gradually lighten the pressure. A couple dozen will have no effect. Talking a couple hundred, at least.

How it works is the lather forms a buffer layer so that the hone scratches are shallower and shallower as the razor floats higher and higher. All progressive honing is, is a process of replacing hone scratches with shallower ones from each succeeding grit.

I strongly suggest you look for the lapping film threads. Film is really easy and consistent.
If and when I have funds, I want to try a GD for myself, see how good/bad they really are, for me it's the 300 though, loving the purple streaked scales!
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