My New Favorite Thing....I Think I'm in Love.

Discussion in 'Shooting Sports and Firearms' started by nortac, Mar 24, 2019.

    So I'm officially a SIG 365 fanboy now. Bought one this morning and went straight to the range and fired 100 rounds of WW white box through it. See my post in the Range/Gun of The Day thread. Shot it along side of my Kahr PM9 and Glock 19. I will be shooting it a lot more and have continued reports. I've been stocking up on various 9mm loads to run through it.
  1. While I know you have alot more time under your Kahr, I think once you bring in the shooting distance and put short strings of shots together with speed, I have faith the P365 and it's ergonomics including the extended mag, will start to separate and pull ahead of the Kahr. Just my opinion though.
  2. @OkieStubble , I have no doubt you are right. The Kahr's trigger is buttery smooth. The Sig still needs to break in, which will happen in short order as I can get back to the range. The 365's trigger was just a tad gritty but light to begin with and was already starting to smooth out at the end of 100 rounds. It was really to soon to try and shoot at 15 yds. I will revisit that distance, and further as the gun breaks in and I have more trigger time on it.

  3. Yeah, you took it right to the range. Once you give it it's first cleaning and blow all the shelf dust out of the trigger and get the manufacturers' gun grease out of the slide, that trigger will "shine like a VP9!"

    Look mom, I made a rhyme! :)
  4. Claudel Xerxes

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    Welcome to the club!
  5. Thinking about, we might have to get all the 365 fanboy owners here and get @Acmemfg to help us with a group buy of matching leather holsters from R Grizzle. ;)
  6. Claudel Xerxes

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  7. Now that's an idea! I just got in the raw materials to make my own tuckable IWB kydex holster.
  8. Could happen.
    Grizzle, Andrews, Ritchie.
    I’ll bet I can put something together with any of these guys.
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    Pix! Pix! And honest reporting... There's too much good with P365; I'm suspicious!

  10. I really like the front cocking serrations on the slide, something you might not expect on a small gun. Great not only to press check, but also comes in handy for resetting the trigger to dry fire, which I'm doing frequently now to smooth out the trigger pull.
    I really like the x-ray sights, but in the shade of a covered shooting area against a bright sunny target background, the front blade is just black. If side lit, the green circle around the tritium dot is a great Hi-Viz sight. Have not seen it in low light yet.
    Mt first 100 rounds were with the dreaded WWWB, initially several FTF, but just needed a light tap on the rear of the slide to go fully into battery, but at the end of 100 rounds, the minor FTF were almost gone. I think it is just a break-in thing. I will be shooting a lot more WWWB as well as several other brands and types on 9mm. After I get about 1K of factory ammo through it I'll be shooting a lot of my reloads in addition.
  11. See the Range/Gun of the day thread. I'll be posting further pics in this thread ongoing.
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    What grain of WWB did you use?
  13. The 115s, I have some of the 124s to try out later. Initially I'm just putting rounds through the gun to break it in, I'll probably shoot at least another 200 rounds of the 115 gr WWB before I try anything else, just because its cheap for factory fodder. I will eventually be carrying the Speer 124 gr Gold Dots +P for short barrels. I will be putting many different rounds through it.
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    I used a box of 115gr Fiocchi ammo for my first 50 and had 3 or 4 failures to return to battery. I also shot it straight from the box before cleaning off any of the factory grease. I haven't had a single problem after that first 50. I have a feeling that yours will shot just fine from now on.
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    I'm still waiting to find one where the hammer ain't broke. Folk keep telling me it still works with the hammer broke clean offen but I jess don't believe em.
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    Oh yeah. I'm also comparing it to my VP9 and VP9SK. The trigger has improved dramatically since running 2k rounds through it and multiple times more dry fires. There is still a decent amount of take up, and a slight amount of trigger creep, but the break has improved dramatically. It's far more crisp than I expected it to be. The reset is crisp and distinct as well.
  17. I like that idea!
  18. Hammers? We ain't got no hammers. We don't need no stinking hammers!

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