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My new favorite shaving soap! My review of GFT Sandalwood Shaving Cream.

I have mentioned how much I love TOBS. I like the scent of Proraso Red better, but TOBS performs better for me. Anyhow, now I see why GFT shaving creams are so popular. Of course my disclaimer of YMMV. [especially with scents]
Products used:
1. Washed face in shower with Noxzema.
2. GFT Sandalwood Skinfood as a pre shave.
3. GFT Sandalwood Shaving Cream.
4. Witch Hazel with 14% alcohol.
5. Proraso Red Aftershave.
6. GFT Sandalwood Skinfood.

First of all the scent is really nice. Somewhat mild but more woodsy than TOBS. I would say that TOBS smells more "soapy". To me the shaving cream smells somewhat like the Skinfood. I find that using the Skinfood as a preshave really goes well with the cream. Topping it off with Proraso Red Aftershave and Sandalwood Skinfood is pure sandalwood heaven!
The cream lathers up really well. I would say that it lathers the same as TOBS. I use a combo of bowl and face lathering with a TOBS Badger Brush. I get a very slick razor glide. Great cushion. Really good post shave feel, even before using my aftershave products. I have shaved twice now, and I think it is quite similar to TOBS in performance. However. I do think that the GFT performs somewhat better than TOBS. But I will have to alternate between the two a few more times before I can say for sure.
I used a Merkur 42001 razor, which is mild. My last shave was with a German "Wilks" blade. I have been also using Feathers. I am still trying to decide which one I like better.
Anyhow, I highly recommend this shaving cream! Almost forgot to mention that I like the scent of this more than TOBS. I look forward to trying some of the other scents. Does anyone have any feedback on GFT Spanish Leather? Both the shaving cream and skinfood. Well guys, I hoped my somewhat long review was helpful. Have a great day everyone!
...Does anyone have any feedback on GFT Spanish Leather?..
In terms of lather, SL is as good as (if not a bit better than) GFT SW, ime.
SL has wonderful notes of rose, spice, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood (sort of reminds me of Cussons Imperial Leather soap).

I'd also recommend (if not yet tried) TAOS SW. The latest (Fusanus Spicatus Wood Oil) formulation is excellent, in terms of scent and lather.
Nice review. I've got a sample of GFT spanish leather skinfood and I personally really enjoy the scent but don't like the feeling of the skinfood post shave. I'm not sure if its a reaction to fragrance but it feels almost mentholated for a while and there isn't any menthol in it as far as I can tell. I just don't like balms in general though. The best way to describe the scent is as a powdery, somewhat floral with a cologoney leather scent.
Trumpers Sandalwood skin food and cologne is my favorite sandalwood scent. I'm not sure why it's not talked about more on this forum? But I guess everyone has a different interpretation on what sandalwood should smell like.

Been meaning to add the cream. But I have quite a few soaps and creams that I really need to use up before I do.


The Aussie Basshole
Thanks for your review. I have not used this cream before but I do like the Sandalwood smell. Something to look forward to down the track.
Thanks for this. GFT has always interested me and I have beaten down my soaps/creams to the point where I can justify trying it now.
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