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My little collection of vintage blades

Here they are. I never really wanted to collect vintage blades, I just received them as freebies with the stuff I've bought over the years.

Vintage blades.jpg


No, actually I'm not. Should I join?
Why not. There are collectors of old blades. If you look at the Sticky section under the start of the Razor Blades Forum the thread is there started by @Legion. Many members there I am sure would love to see pictures of old blades. I don’t collect blades but I do look in from time to time to see what the members have found. It can be very interesting, especially the names of some of the blades. Have a look.


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People collect them like stamps. I was introduced to it by a fellow who sold me a razor. I went to his house to collect it and he had hundreds, nicely framed on his walls, and in albums. I never knew the great variety and graphic design. I started a modest collection the next day.
Great collection! The city of Leningrad disappeared from the map. And the blade of Leningrad is a memory of a past era. Igor, I think it makes sense for you to keep your collection. Regards, Eugene.