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My La Lune arrived safely

Mine are all dense/heavy for the size and very waxy feeling. They're fast, not waterstones at all, no slurry necessary, need a light touch, restraint with the laps, and thorough stropping. They can pull an edge to a very very sharp level and pull one back from further away than something like a thuri can.
Idk what is up with the autoslurrying on some new ones. Maybe he needs to test the pieces he cuts more thoroughly vs committing to cranking out volume.


Ask me about shaving naked!
I couldn’t watch that many honing videos on you tube, I don’t have that many brain cells to kill.

There are a lot of Jnats that will slurry a little at knife pressure, but not at razor pressure, at least in the length of time that it takes to hone a razor.
Mine doesn't seem to self slurry at all. Was it just lapped with a 400 Atoma? Cause i can imagine it would self slurry for a bit then.
As stated earlier my new 150X60 LaLune arrived Thur. and was not flat so I lapped it w/well worn DMT325, one corner still drops off just a bit.
This stone seems just as hard as my labeled "Extra Fine" and lapped in a very similar way, stone seems reasonably hard.
I then ran an old practice razor over it for a few minuets under lots of plain water and it did kick up just a touch of slurry, really just barely visible and that was it. I expect it was just remnants from the lapping as after rinsing it has shown no signs of it and I was using just a touch more pressure than I would have bevel setting to break the surface in.

My first test edge is on a LeGrelot P. Hospitals # 193 - 6/8th's, very good French steel, seemed an appropriate choice.
This razor had not been taken back to bevel for a few years so I did some minor heal correction and then removed all oxidized steel & micro chipping at the edge w/ Shapton GL 1K.
Progression was then Chosera 3K> Nani Gouken Hayabusa 4K > Nani Gouken Fugi 8K > Nani SS 12K> stropped on horse butt, calibrated HHT was an audible 4. All edge artifacts under 100X mag. were gone and I have no doubt this edge would have saved well enough for a synthetic 12k.
I proceeded to the new LaLune w/water and a drop of dish soap, weight of blade X strokes 15. Edge under Mag. was slightly more refined (high polish) w/no signs of break-down or wire edge. Stropped on Neil Miller Cordovan and the HHT jumped to a silent 5, just what I would expect from my vintage purple stone.
Honing feedback was very very similar also, very silky w/just a touch of stiction / great to have an extra inch of runway to hone on.
I will shave a week old beard tonight and give a shave report.

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