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My journey so far and razor rankings

Great start on your wet shaving journey. I would recommend the Henson AL13 medium. There is no trouble finding the correct shave angle, since the razor does it for you. It provides an easy smooth/efficient shave and it is nearly impossible to cut or cause irritation.
For a vintage razor, I would look for a post war Gillette Tech in good condition (from forums or the bay)...so you do not have to do any type of restoration prior to shaving. A modern version of the Tech (based on 1970's Tech) is the Gillette Super Blue from China. Those modern Gillette Techs are available from AliExpress ($4-$6) or on the bay ($8). The Super Blue shaves nearly identical to the post war Gillette Techs, but are not made from brass. The head is Aluminum and Zamac, and the handle is plastic.
Yes. Love it. The extra weight and better polish really make this razor a fantastic shaver.
Thanks. Just ordered a medium in aluminum to test it out. If it fits the bill I might jump up to titanium. Just getting back into shaving after a 10 year hiatus. Want to find a razor that's both comfortable and efficient that isn't too harsh on my lower neck which is prone to razor bumps/ingrown hairs. I think i just have to accept that I can only do one WTG pass on that area and probably can only shave every other day at best. Using A Merkur Progress for now.
UPDATE: after 5 or 6 months of wet shaving and trial and error with the above razors with multiple blades soaps and cremes I have learned the following:

1. My technique has improved quite a bit and I no longer or rarely get weepers or nicks with any of the razors or blades. Technique and practice matter.

2. Preparation matters- soaking my face with a hot damp towel and pre shave oil makes a big difference in the shave performance. Shave oil will make poor soap perform better and eliminate the dragging and tugging of duller blades.

3. I have upgraded my hard inexpensive soaps to cremes and have improved my lathering technique. I also upgraded my brush from boar to badger. The quality and application of the shave cream is the biggest factor in the performance of the razor/blade In my shaves.

4. I Have found that when I stick to premium blades (Feather, Gillette Platinum, Kia) and replace after 3 shaves I get consistent great results. I have tried a dozen blade brands that are ok - but why bother?

FWIW the products that perform best for me are:

Razor: Muhle Rocca R94
Blades: Gillette Platinum
Soap: Barrister and Mann Seville
Creme: Art of Shaving Sandalwood
Aftershave Splash: Fine American Blend
Aftershave Balm: Duke Cannon
Shave Oil: Shave Secret
I'm just starting my return to safety razors:

Muhle R89
Simpson Classic CL2
Various soaps and creams (I've been using an inexpensive brush and creams with a cartridge razor for a long time) (I do like the Bond Street Lemon and Lime, lately...subtle).

I've got a Rocca black handle (not Jet) in it's box. Waiting for the birchwood to arrive before deciding which to keep. Cannot try and then return :) I'll be ready to move on from the R89 at that point.

Will soon start up with a pre and post shave balm.

Enjoyed this thread. Thanks!
Great journey there. I also got the KCG and ditto blades as a first razor. I looked at the other ones you described and even nearly got hands on a Gillette Fatboy - but for now I will stick with the KCG. It performs very well and very low on the nicks and cuts. YMMV is the proper label I guess.


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I have been wet shaving about 4 months now and have been experimenting with razors and blades. Here is a brief overview of my journey and a ranking of the razors I have bought and used. I understand everyones experience is different. I started out with a King C. Gillette with KCB blades that came with the razor and used it for 30 days to learn how to wet shave. Maybe because it was my first razor or because it is so easy to use or maybe it’s the KCB blade but I am a huge fan of this set up and if I had stopped here I would have been just fine. The next razor I purchased as a supposed step up was the GC .68 which I did not get along with, found it hard to find the right angle, a little harsh and just not that close a shave. (I am a two pass and touch up shaver medium coarseness and medium sensitivity) tried a bunch of blades and had some good shaves but overall not a good match for me it was inconsistent and would get a few weepers. Next up was the Muhle Rocca r94 which is an incredible razor for me and my daily driver. It is incredibly efficient, gives a very close shave and is irritation free. it is the most aggressive razor that I have but it is very safe no nicks or weepers. I then bought a Fine Marvel because I love their Italian citrus AS and Soap. Marvel razor very interesting design supper efficient and close shave and very safe with the large gap and safety guards. The only downside for me is the head is large and it is harder to get into tight places with also the handle is a bit short and can be slippery, but for the money $27 it is a great shave. After reading a lot of comparisons on this sight and wanting to give Razorock another try I bought a Mamba 70 and found it to be a much better fit for me than the GC 68. The Mamba was smoother a touch more efficient. A nice razor medium comfort, but still not as close a shave as the Rocca or the Marvel. I then decided to purchase a Feather AS D2 that came with a pack of Feather blades. I absolutely love the feather as d2 with the feather razor. It just fits me from the first shave, I found the angle easily, it is more efficient and closer shaving than I expected from what I had read about it. It is a great combination of safety, irritation free, efficient with the right blade and technique and a close shave. So ranking them:

1. Muhle Rocca 94
2. Feather AS D2
3. Fine Marvel
4. Razorock Mamba
5. King C. Gillette
6. Razorock GC .68

Wow! You got some good razors there for sure! Great post! Thanks!
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