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My Jinhao 159 Has A Little Brother

I received my Jinhao 159 Wednesday. I've been playing with it since then and am quite impressed with it. It is hands down the smoothest-writing pen that I own. If only the nib was a fine or extra-fine :001_rolle.

As I was digging around looking for a particular pair of socks this morning, I stumbled across a black ball-point that I bought somewhere, sometime years ago. The main body and cap are lacquered metal -- a few scratches in the lacquer reveal what looks like brass. At 59 grams, it's heavier than the Jinhoa. The main body is one piece, with a hole drilled in it to accept standard Parker ballpoint refills. There are no manufacturer's markings of any kind on the pen.


It's certainly an odd pen. I have no idea when or even why I bought it at the time.
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