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My iron just broke. Any recommendations for a new one?

My first instinct was to get on Amazon and see what the cheapest iron was that I could get away with, but I don't want another one that will break in a year. Any suggestions?
I just bought an iron and through the whole process it seems like the iron market is a complete s***show when it comes to consistency. Basically, buy what you think is good, use distilled water with it, and hope it lasts. Irons are one thing they don't make like the used to.
My wife is a quilter and a sewer, so she will wear an iron out pretty quick! That being said, she is using a Rowenta and it seems to be built like a tank. Just make sure you don't get the inexpensive models, they are made in China. The mid-range and up are all made in Germany.
Can't go wrong with either a Rowenta made in Germany or Reliable's Digital Velocity v100. I currently use the Digital Velocity since it has a large water reservoir and steams at lower temps, which I really like.
Rowen a or upper end Shark. I have the latter and have been using it about 5 years. I iron daily, too. It heats up fast and puts out great steam. I don't have to wait on it to heat up again for steam blasts.
Check Bed Bath and Beyond for Rowenta. Get one that's Made in Germany...... some of the cheaper Rowenta models are not Made in Germany.

My wife is also a quilter, so our Rowenta has gone through about seven years of massive use. I highly recommend this brand, so long as the followthe advice presented here and make sure you get a good model made in Germany.
Gone thru a few Rowenta's in the past 15 or so years, very good irons. I cant even remember how long I've had my current one.
My Rowenta is going on five years or so, and I am happy with it. If I were in your shoes, I'd get a model with cord storage in the handle, and make sure it has the kooooooooooooooooosh feature - that noise it makes when you hit the steam/surge button.
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