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My initial new setup


I just received my package from Classic Shaving containing the following items:
- Merkur Long Classic Safety Razor
- Merkur Hefty Classic Safety Razor
- Proraso Shaving Cream Red
- Taylor of Old Bond Street Bowl "Mr. Taylor"
- Classic Brand Pure Block Alum Styptic

They still need to send the Proraso Liquid Cream After shave balm and the Proraso After shave Splash since those were not in stock.

Last week I already received my EJ Best Badger brush and matching stand (both in black).

I'm still awaiting the sampler kit with blades from LetterK (should be arriving still this week or the beginning of next week) and Scotto just informed me that my 6 sample creams will ship tomorrow.

I'll post pictures of the setup as soon as I can (probably tonight)!

I can't wait to try out this new setup but I'm afraid I'll have to wait until I at least get the blade sampler pack. :001_smile

I already have plans to order some shaving soaps etc as well and some extra creams but I'll await the sampler packs before I make any other purchases. I have 2 other brushes in mind as well. I'm not even properly started and I already have a few AD's. :lol:
Well, you could use the blades that come with the razor... the one that came with mine worked fine, but it definitely wasn't nearly as nice as using a Merker blade from a blade pack. But your setup does look good.

I know what you mean about the ADs. My only problem is I need to pay off my last purchases before making new ones. I should be able to do that either at the end of this month or end of next depending on if any expenses come up this month.
Cool, I forgot that one blade was added to both razors so indeed, I can try it out already! I guess the advice that people give regarding not using the default blades which are shipped are for 2nd hand purchases contrary to new ones?
No they do mean the blades shipped with new razors. I'll admit the blades shipped with new razors aren't great, they do get banged up a bit, but personnally I'd still take them over an M3. I used the one that came with mine when I purchased from Classic. The shaves were decent but the blades you buy seperately are just plain superior. I guess I figure, even if they blade isn't the best you can still use it. But that is just my opinion. Others may disagree.
Voila, here's a quick pic of my first real setup:

You make the call on if you want to use the blades that came with the razors...but that wouldn't stop me from using the brush and cream...adding a brush and high end cream to your regimen is probably the best thing you could do...even if you still used your mach 3 or whatever razor you have been using. Alot of people continue to use mach 3's...my face can't handle it though.
Thanks for the feedback. Going to buy some over the weekend. Next to that I called my grandfather who was very pleased when he heard about me purchasing all this. He proposed for me to come over on Saturday to guide me through my first real wetshave because he has been doing it this way for more than 50 years.

Can't wait till the weekend!
Nice pic of the Merkur Long Classic. I start smiling just when I see a picture of that devil. It's a great razor just have to keep telling myself to slow down and take my time using it. I used the blade that came with the Merkur razor in my Gillette Tech and it did very well, clearly not as sharp as the Merkur Super Platinums but it worked okay for me.

I see you went with the Proraso red as well. Curious to hear your thoughts on it as many people seem to prefer the green over the red because of the scent.

Enjoy your new equipment.
I'll let you know as soon as I use it. I chose that one due to me having a rather sensitive skin.
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