My Initial Impressions of Haslinger Schafmilch

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by StubbleTrouble, Jun 2, 2014.

    I shaved with this stuff for the first time yesterday and based upon the reports, I expected it to be similar to MWF, only with a different scent.

    I always use Kyle's soap method for loading my brush and when I went to dump the soaking water into the bowl, I couldn't see any (even after shaking the tin slightly) and thought the puck completely soaked it up. Alas, it was a soapy 'thick slurry' of something that would have looked rather disturbing had I not known the source.

    I loaded it the same way as MWF and had enough lather for another shave after four passes! The lather was in a class of its own, even though I doubt I have it dialled in yet. I see a permanent home for this stuff in my rotation.

    Definitely worth a try! :thumbup:
  1. Thanks for the report! I'm currently finishing up a puck of Haslinger Coconut that has been absolutely great! I'm looking forward to Schafmilch next!
  2. One of my favorite soaps.
  3. I have two unopened pucks on board and I am impatiently waiting on some 4'' tins from Stirling to arrive that I can mill my schafmilch pucks into.
    Looking forward to trying this soap.
  4. I didn't mention that I didn't care for the size of the puck. It's smaller than standard so I grated it and then hard pressed it into a WCS tin.
  5. Haslinger shaving soaps are great performer. I use Sandalwood and the Sheep Milk.
    So easy to make super lather from this soaps.
  6. You don't need much water with this soap. A few drops on the puck while you shower, then a damp-not-wet brush to load. A few drops at a time while building the lather.

    Stuff will spontaneously lather if I just look at it funny. Slick and cushiony. My go-to soap.

    Yes, it's a small puck, but who cares? A great product.
  7. The Schafmilch is definitely not like MWF. For one thing, I think it makes a thicker lather with more cushion.
  8. This is great soap and very easy to lather!! I feel the skin benefits and face feel last all day! I'm a huge MWF fan, but this soap stands toe to toe with it! Think I'm going to check out the coconut or sandalwood next!!!
  9. Schafmilch is nothing like MWF at all, other than they both contain lanolin. It's super easy to lather.
  10. Second shave with this soap and I can see what you mean!
  11. the small puck size allows it to sit right smack in the middle of my Old Spice mug. With the little gap around the perimeter, my puck has worn evenly through it's 3017ing. I'm currently at 43 shaves with my first puck. And I probably have 5-10 to go!
  12. Just got mine today. I had already shaved but couldn't resist a test lather. It really does lather up effortlessly, looking very promising.
  13. Nice soap. Nice write up.

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