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My impression of my Polo 12, PL12

I am not good with reviews so please accept my apologies

Overall - love the brush, very impressed.
  • Not difficult to use at all - it is certainly not too big to use - if you like Chubby 3 - you will like this one a lot
    • for comparison - I think CH2 is uncomfortable to hold
  • I always face lather and did not feel this brush was out of control at all
  • Handle is very comfortable for me
  • PL12 Best is very similar to CH3 Super - I can't tell the difference
  • loading is not that difficult
    • I let the tips do the work - and don't care about loading the whole brush , and I have enough for 3 passes , probably one extra pass worth of foam gets wasted
  • I am 5"10 and 150 lbs - my hand size- from tip of my index finger to base of my palm - about 6 inches
Please ask any questions
I strongly recommend you try it - its a shame that it does not get mentioned her often
Of note - my knot size was 30.4mm


Great review! :clap: :clap:

Love the comparison with the Chubby 3: for me the Chubby 1 is about perfect! YMMV for sure!!
Some may be tempted to think fake news! But! The PL10 is awesome so no doubt accurate reporting on all fronts!! Though I admit, the PL10 hits the upper limit, even though the CH3 seems right sized to me. Must be the higher loft.
Still wish I managed to nab a 14 from a vendor during their close out sale. Would’ve even settled in a 12 now I think at the prices they went for.
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