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My horse is shedding

My favorite brush is a custom made wood handle with a horse knot. This is my daily driver and it means a lot as it was a gift from a member here.

The issue is it is shedding. By shedding I mean it is losing at least 7 hairs a day. This has been going on for a few weeks now.

Is there anything I can do to slow this down or is this just a death spiral?
Shoot it.

On the other hand, I had a Boar that started shedding. I had been soaking it while showering. I stopped soaking, and it stopped shedding. I just rinse and squeeze for a minute before going to the soap.
I recently got a boar and the first couple of times, it shed terribly. Then I started soaking in cold water rather than hot and it stopped. It could be that the water was too hot or just a coincidence. I am not sure.
I had a badger brush that always gave me problems with shedding. Then, recently, the knot came a little bit loose in the handle. From that, I was able to work the knot out, then re-epoxy it. Ever since I've re-epoxied the knot, the shedding problem has been fixed.

If it's a custom, I'd say contact the maker for advice as well.
I have found that by not soaking both badger and boar brushes, I have far less shedding. And I always kept the water temperature very lukewarm. I will never soak now and all seems better.

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Thanks for the replies (except for the shoot it comment:001_tongu) I'll start by not soaking it.

Actually, now recalling that it's a horse knot, the advice not to soak it is a good one. My experience with horse knots has been that the hairs bunch up too much given a long soak. So for the past year or two, I've only dunked the horse knot into water for about 30 seconds before beginning the lathering process.
I know this sounds weird but have you combed the brush recently? I know my horse hair gets tangled easily so by combing it, I have prevented the massive shedding it had.
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