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My Guess... 3017

Just about to the end of my current soap, something like 330 shaves on it. Just a bit stuck to the bottom on one side of the bowl and a couple heavier shards chasing around, probably be done by the weekend, or I'll give up on it and scrape out the remnants.

Not a bad soap, but by far not the best I've ever made, and I'm looking forward to easier to lather slicker soap.
I recorded another soap kill on Friday: A puck of Wilkinson Sword soap in the blue plastic container that was part of my vacation/travel kit. I recorded 84 shaves on the 125g puck. An altogether decent soap in my book, though not a match for the Valobra that I am working on at home.

That's 4 kills so far in 2021 (all partials). I predict that the Valobra will last into 2022.
Dumped the last few chips of soap out of the bowl this morning, took forever to get a lather yesterday, and cleaned it up. Transferred my Haslinger Marigold to that bowl, I'd had it in an old coffee mug that was too wide and deep to use well. Will probably shave a few times on what's left in the mug.

337 shaves, 125gr, about 0.38 gr per shave.

The Bay Rum scented tallow/stearic acid soap I used to day was quite nice!
Its been awhile since I posted. Several weeks ago I finished the Bath and Body Works Ocean Cream in a tube. That was replaced with a sample of Dapper Dragon Watermelon.

The modified 3017 now looks like this (A couple of these will be finished over the next few weeks)

Dapper Dragon Watermelon (sample)
Vintage Can of Colgate Aloe
Pacific Shaving Company Single Use Minis
Locally Made Artisan Brushless
Soap Smooth Lime Soda
Since I’m just beginning a massive 7oz tub of soap and will be a while on reporting another soap kill, I’ll report an aftershave kill.

Proraso Crema Liquida Dopobarba has met it’s end. I don’t think they still make this aftershave. I got it from Italian barber several years ago and decided to 3017 the rest of it while I 3017’d a Valobra stick. Performance is similar to current Proraso balms. Scent was mild and clean.
Greetings all,

I finished off the Mickey Lee Soapworks Kraken. It took about two shaves to dial in and the performance was fantastic through to the finish. Good stuff. I still have a jar of their Colonia in the cabinet which I believe was their AdP clone.

I’m now working on a 9-10 year old jar of B&M Seville. The first shave was meh. The first pass felt like I was dry shaving. I fell back to a tube of Gillette shave cream which performed wonderfully and had a nice scent as well. I guess a film had developed over the top of the soap. Nothing a little blooming won’t fix. I don’t typically bloom soaps, but being unused for that long earns it.

The band plays on.

Happy shaves, friends!
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