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One thing I'm noticing with Ogallala is the increased frequency of nicks. I'm not talking about the occasional weeper, but an actual nick. I am attributing this to a lack of slickness in the lathers (and I'm not going nuts with the water to make Santa beards), so that for some reason, the blade gets hung up in the wrong place.
In 2013 Ogallala was talked about quite a bit. I picked up a puck of the bay rum and a bottle of aftershave. The soap smelled amazing but I had similar results. Zero slickness. It ended up in the shower. The aftershave on the other hand, is fantastic.
I've got a sample that I've tried with similar results. I don't remember nicks but I do remember low slickness. These posts convinced me to just stick the remaining amount onto the hand and face soap at the sink. If I had kept it, I can imagine never getting around to using it up.
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1. Vermont Country Store Lime Musk
2. Lavanda cream
3. LEA stick
4. Haslinger Coconut
5. Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Ribeira do Porto cream
It’s been a good year. With a couple trips to Europe and one to Chicago, though, I think I have gained product this year.


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Glycerine base soaps are very sticky if you overload them, and they are easy to overload. Discovered that with Col. Conk. With enough water they work very well.
that may be my problem.It could use more water than I’ve been adding. Will give it a try tomorrow. I am a huge fan of the scent, though. While the soap is not much to write home about, we can get our fix with one of the variants of the AS.
Ogallala doesn't seem to be a glycerin soap to me.

Edit; Maybe you are right. I just washed my hands with the soap and it left them very sticky. Binned it.
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