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My Guess... 3017

Ariana and Evans is fully dialed in. 30 seconds of loading with a damp 26mm Brad Sears 2 band silvertip followed by face lathering results in lathers as slick and protective as any I’ve experienced. Post shave is simply the best I’ve experienced, ever. Haslinger and Valobra triple milled, as much as I love them, take a back seat.

The vanilla de tabac scent is well crafted and leaves me with the impression it was developed by a highly skilled artist.

I plan on wringing every shave out of this 4 ounce tub I possibly can. There will be no waste and no overloading.
I got back from Lisbon and had the last shave with Haslinger Coconut yesterday. Although I had two fair shaves to begin, I had excellent shaves until yesterday. I would recommend supplementing the soup with a few drops of your favorite essential oil to enhance the scent.

I am now into the Antiga Barberia de Bairro cream. It leaves the tube in a bit of runny fashion, but the lather is slick and tight and moisturizing. Expecting a couple months of very good shaves with this €10 cream from Portugal.
One more day for the 15719464815115243723407189351213.jpg Palmolive stick. Great shaves, I'll definitely use it again. Mostly because I have two more sticks in my stash, haha.
The last two weeks have been traveling with Kent shaving cream and a sensor cart. No brush. Great, effortless shaves. Looking forward to getting back to PdP.
CO Bigelow / Proraso green will wrap up in the next day or 2 and that will mark the end of my year of killing off creams. I haven't taken notes and don't remember all that I knocked out. I'm excited about using soap all winter. I've always had a soft spot for this product as it was one of my first wet shaving purchases. Still love the scent. Worked through just about all of a matching jar of pre/post while I worked through the Palmolive and this tube of Bigelow. It's my last pre shave product and I have no plans on buying any more.

Up next will be a little 60ml tub of Strop Shoppe Russian Tea. Always loved the scent of this soap. I'm 99% certain the base scent of the soap is Crafters Choice Orange Clove fragrance oil, so I made up 4 bars of homemade bath soap using what I had left of that fragrance oil to really blow out the experience. Did I mention I'm excited about using a nice tallow soap after creams for almost 11 months?

Not sure about the Old Spice cream. It has a very faint scent, kind of like an "artificial" OS scent. Not the most pleasing to me. I kept getting a whiff of it a few hours after I shaved, too. It's a mediocre cream, I've used worse but also had better. I'll give it one more use before I decide if I'm going to continue with it.
Been beating up Haslinger sandalwood over 2 weeks and it is really hanging in there. As always I’m loading heavy and it delivers a nice shave when I do that. It’s only down 10 grams so i guess it’s absorbed a little water :001_tongu
Working on a stick of LaToja right now. Only been shaving about once a week lately, but man I love this soap. Has me wanting to order the cream and hoping it contains the same ingredients. I have a brick or Cella that I think I might try to 3017 when the LaToja stick is gone even though I’ve only 3017 two soaps and those both came while deployed overseas in WK each lasting one month, roughly 31 shaves per tub. I’m just curious if anyone has ever 3017 a whole brick of Cella.
1-2 more shaves left on my Castle Forbes Lavender cream

I bought it back in 2016. After using it heavily in 2017, I took it back from a hiatus this Summer and used it constantly since then.

From my tracking sheet I am estimating around €0.20 per shave from Castle Forbes, not bad at all for such a high end product.

Of course I already have a spare tub of the Lavender and also the Lime version is in my den. It’s great stuff, the lather is so creamy and smooth and the smell is fantastic

Also, this week I finished a 75ml tub of AdP balm. Very nice, rich balm gave me nearly 145 shaves. It has a classy, fresh fragrance and was a pleasure to use. Only a pea-size amount is needed to cover your face

My target for this year is to finish an old piece of Cella and my AdP cream, but I will rotate them with other stuff
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Going to bin the Old Spice lather cream. I used Palmolive lather today as a control/test shave, and everything about the shave I liked better. Scent, glide, protection. My Palmolive lather is special, so I will not be 3017ing it. It's for occasional use. Gotta make it last.