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My Guess... 3017


Moderator Emeritus
55th shave with M&M Claddagh. With constant use the consistency of this soap has changed. I now leave the lid off the the soap to harden it a bit. It now behaves very similar to a soft soap like Cella. With a giant hole in the bottom of the soap, it is getting more difficult to load the brush.
I'm getting close to the end with my Valobra hard soap, less than a week left. I've been out of town more often than not so it's been slow going even with my heavy handed loading. The Valobra has been an exceptional soap and still shocks me with it's ease of use. I'm afraid the next soap is going to lack in performance now that the bar has been raised. Valobra's shortcoming is scent so maybe the next soap can wow me there.

I'll be pulling the box-o-soap down this evening to find the new contender. I'm tempted to go with Tabac or a Razorock for October but they just aren't calling to me.

All my travel time has at least given me a chance to appreciate my new travel cream Proraso Blue.
The Valobra has been an exceptional soap and still shocks me with it's ease of use. I'm afraid the next soap is going to lack in performance now that the bar has been raised.
I had the same thought when I finished up its twin AoS tallow. I think this is why I’ve been trying to get through the ‘lesser soap’ first since once I get to the good good stuff they will seem even worse by comparison.

Proraso blue is a great product, it’s in my travel bag also and is next after I finish off the remains of glacé Herbe I’ve been working on.
Just an update. Since my last post I’ve finished a tub of Pannacrema San Francesco and a tub of Proraso Green soap. I’ve been using a puck of new formula AOS Sandalwood for month. That’s goin on hold so I can participate in Tabactober. Once the Tabac is done I’ll kill the AOS. At this point I’m down to 4 soaps in the stash, should be done by the end of 2020.

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Quick update.
I have moved the Speick man Active to the shower.
For me, the slickness just wasn't there, the more I used it the more I disliked it.
I also wasn't getting a close shave with it as easy as I have been (I use the same razor all the time and blades most of the time)

So moving on to the remainder of my Edwin Jagger Aloe Vera shave soap. I've had a couple of shaves with it and it's been such a massive improvement. Very happy I moved on.
The soaps over half way through, will post numbers and grams etc further down the line. Untill then, happy shaving!
I reformed the doughnut a couple days ago and there was a lot more soap that I thought but it’s really soft. I’ve stoped rinsing and am leaving the lid off to try and firm what’s left up but it’s only one or 2 more shaves now.

I'm calling the Haslinger Seaweed a few shaves early. My attempts to wash it down (and hasten demise) after each use has left it gloopy.
This morning I used my treat - Castle Forbes Lime - and it was so much better.

Haslinger good, but not for me. I'd rather use Arko.


Moderator Emeritus
I'm calling the Haslinger Seaweed a few shaves early. My attempts to wash it down (and hasten demise) after each use has left it gloopy.
This morning I used my treat - Castle Forbes Lime - and it was so much better.

Haslinger good, but not for me. I'd rather use Arko.
I wonder what soaps are on everyone’s “Great soap, Meh” list.
I’ve definitely seen Castle Forbes on the Meh list before. Which is weird because it’s bleeping great.
Then again, there are those who think Arko stinks or think Mystic Water is unlatherable. Some people just born to be wrong I guess :D
Found my re-jarred IanS Orange Geranium soap. Still perfectly fine, nicely scented and an easy perfect lather. Will use to the end, about 2/3 left.


Moderator Emeritus
After a half dozen2-pass shaves, my travel can of Dove shave gel popped out only a pea-sized dollop this morning. It's messier than using a brush, but does the job well enough once you get past that aspect.

Verdict: Pass

Lathered up with modern Williams and we'll see how this puck goes.

3017 Journey
???????- Oct.14.2012.....Col.Conk Amber (small puck)
Oct.15 - Dec.19.2012.....VDH Deluxe
Dec.20 - Jan.07.2013.....Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet (partial tub)..... Wowwee!!!!
Jan.08 - Mar.06.2013.....C&E Sienna cream
Mar.07 - Mar.28.2013.....Mama Bear Aged Spice (mug soap; they're so tiny, they're cute!)
Mar.29 - May.25.2013.....Palmolive Classica Naturale cream
May.26 - Jun.22.2013.....Proraso Green tube (partial tube, old formula)
Jun.23 - Sep.27.2013.....TOBS Sandalwood cream (I love sandalwood products)
Sep.28 - Nov.02.2013.....Mama Bear Northwoods (partial puck)
Nov.03 - Dec.14.2013.....Mama Bear Amber Romance (partial puck)
Dec.15 - Jan.31.2014.....Klar Kabinett (partial, suspended to 3017 D.R.Harris PIF)
Feb.01 - Aug.29.2014.....D.R. Harris Arlington ........ Nope, no typo; 215 shaves from that puck
Aug.30 - Sep.29.2014.....Klar Kabinett (back in use after the Arlington finished)
Sep.30 - Oct.15.2014.....Rose of Bulgaria cream (partial tube)
Oct.16 - Oct.20.2014.....D.R. Harris Almond (partial tube)
Oct.21 - Oct.31.2014.....RazoRock XXX (partial tub)
Nov.01 - Dec.24.2014.....Blue Willy (grated Williams soaked in Aqua Velva)
Dec.25 - Feb.20.2015.....Dr Dittmar
Feb.21 - Mar.31.2015.....12 cream samples from Mr Bingle Secret Santa
Apr.01 - Apr.19.2015.....Mama Bear Lime Ice (partial puck)
Apr.20 - Jun.22.2015.....Captain's Choice Bay Rum (1/2 container)
Jun.23 - Aug.13.2015.....Mama Bear Winter Grapefruit (partial puck)
Aug.14 - Oct.10.2015.....Godrej round
Oct.11 - Nov.20.2015.....Mitchell's Wool Fat (partial puck)
Nov.21 - Jan.05.2016.....Mama Bear Cucumber Mint (partial puck)
Jan.06 - Feb.15.2016.....Mama Bear Dragon's Blood (partial puck)
Feb.16 - Apr.17.2016.....Cella, Crema da Barba all'Olio di Mandorla
Apr.18 - May.22.2016.....Klar Kabinett (partial puck) **** converted to Nougat blend with 5 other soaps
May.23 - Jun.07.2016.....Proraso Sandalwood (partial tube)
Jun.08 - Sep.27.2016.....nougat (partials of Klar Kabinett, Valobra stick, La Toja stick, Mama Bear's Hydrogen, Mama Bear's Hazelnut, and Arko)
Sep.28 - Oct.28.2016.....Samples (Stone Cottage Hesperides, Mama Bear Spicey Lime)
Oct.29 - Nov.10.2016.....WSP Tobacco, travel puck
Nov.11 - Nov.21.2016.....WSP Matterhorn, travel puck
Nov.22 - Jan.10.2017.....Monsavon
Jan.11 - Feb.01.2017.....Godrej round (suspended to participate in 3017 WILLIAMS thread)
Feb.02 - Apr.07.2017.....Vegan Willy (grated Williams soaked in Lilac Vegetal)
Apr.08 - May.14.2017.....Godrej round (continuation)
May.15 - Apr.29.2019.....P.160 Tipo Morbido (650g).... 23.5 months!!
Apr.30 - May.06.2019.... Mystic Water Coconut Sandalwood sample
May.07 - Jul.21.2019......Shaving Yeti Mamacita on the Rocks
Jul.22 - Sep.27.2019......Through the Fire Fine Craft Sue Moore Pink Grapefruit
Sep.28 - Oct.03.2019.....Dove Shave Gel, travel size
Oct.04 - xxx.xx.xxxx......Williams


Moderator Emeritus
I love these pucks of non-triple milled soaps. So much progress in so little time. I can lather Ogallala easily enough, but it’s mediocre at best. Scent is good, though.
About a week of shaves in with A&E and I have to say this is an excellent soap. Its soft and I suspect will go quickly, but the glide and post shave are among the best I've experienced. Once I got over the chocolate brown color of the soap and resulting tan lathers it was all good. It lathers quite easily, no special tricks involved.

The scent is called Vanille & Tabac. One of my wifes favorite scents for me to wear in the winter is Tom Fords Vanille and Tobacco. The A&E soap seems to be loosely based on the TF cologne. Its intoxicating and both myself and SWMBO love it. I actually caught her taking a whiff of the soap container the other day.

Its been a wet, cold, windy week and it looks like this weather is going to be around for a while. A&E Vanille and Tabac is proving to be an excellent Autumn soap. Should be a good 3017.
CB glacé Herbe is gone. This is a really good soap that I didn’t fully appreciate until I 3017’d it. Performance is top notch and the scent is a perfect pairing of earthy vetiver with a smack of menthol. This is a soap I will replace and while it didn’t seem to be available anywhere chris confirmed he does still make it, I’ll just need to wait for it to come back up. No big deal, it’s a warm weather soap for me and after vacation I’ll be experiencing some cooler temps back home.

My Palmolive stick is in a push up container. Today it got low enough that it popped out of the push up part. Looks like just over a half inch left.
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