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    How long have you been using it Tim.


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  1. I’ve got the Palmolive stick dialed in. For me the trick with shave sticks is that the quantity of soap applied varies significantly on how many days it’s been since my last shave. I suppose the longer my old man whiskers are the more soap that’s removed from the stick as it passes over the grizzled beard.

    I use a fairly dry synthetic brush and add small amounts of water as I face lather. In no time at all the Palmolive builds into a wonderful, dense, slick lather.

    I haven’t taken this stick on the road yet, but in my softened water at home the Palmolive lather is a bit more protective and slick than the MW stick.

    Comparing Palmolive stick to Palmolive cream (Italian Menthol version) I give the nod to the cream as providing a superior lather.

    I will be taking the stick north to the fishing cabin on the Canadian border soon. The unsoftened well water there is granite hard and has brought many a fine soaps to its knees (I’m looking at you MWF and TOBS soap). It will be a good test of Palmolives adaptability.

  2. 5FAE4652-B8D4-4CF6-B5CA-1028FABFC488.jpeg 3 maybe 4 shaves left for the Ringelblumen. Gosh, Haslinger sure is great soap.
  3. +1, and ringelblumen was a nice light pleasant scent as I recall. Nice mug. Haslinger pucks and OS mugs are a match made in heaven.
  4. Back from vacation where I was reminded how much I like Proraso blue, current tube in the travel bag. Just a great product for me. But now that I am back I have to get serious about my next project. After much deliberation I have chosen.

    New vegan formula sandalwood.

    I think have 10 pucks of Haslinger, about time I used some :001_rolle
  5. This was after 22 shaves. Average usage just under 4g per shave.
    Yep - i load heavy...
  6. Only a couple shaves left on my tub of Fraser's. I got just over 4 months from it.

    Fantastic product. Not sure what's next, no products in my drawer :07:
  7. That's a pickle.... :detective:
  8. @brucered, shake things up and grab a shave stick. Makes for an interesting change of pace.
  9. Fraser's is hard to come by here in the states. West Coast Shaving doesn't carry it anymore.


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  10. Wilkinson Swords Electric Blue Stick makes some awesome lather.


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  11. Most soaps I get real bored with in their last few weeks. Not B&M Spice. I loved every shave with it and was sad when it was gone.
  12. I look forward to getting back to this stick I picked up in Dusseldorf in March. I might save it for travel duty, though, instead of giving it the 3017 treatment. Really nice lather and scent.
  13. I feel that it is also my thoughts on this soap. I was also sad when my Stirling Hot Apple Cider was ending.

    Any idea how many shaves your Spice gave you?
  14. We don't have much up here in stores, Proraso is readily available at drug stores and Fraser's is available at a little Mom and Pop type sharpening service store out of a guys garage near my house for cheap.

    With shipping costs of a single soap or cream online, crap on, I will probably end up with Fraser's or Proraso again. I may get lucky or try a couple TJ Maxx type stores that I've had luck at.

    That was always the one benefit of a stockpile, no worrying about what to use next. I'm too cheap to pay $10+ shipping on a single soap or cream.
  15. I went from Aug 18 2017 to Nov 21, 2017 with it. Three solid months of shaving goodness.
  16. What about going through Joe at the Italian Barber?. Is the shipping any cheaper?. I like the Razorock What The Puck Soap, and aftershave. It's inexpensive, and will. last you a long time.


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  17. What a puck of Cade looks like for me after 132 days! With 2 pass lathers. Kind of looking forward to use something else. I know it is a favourite of many but for me it has been a middle of the road soap. Smell Ok & Lather Ok. Maybe it is so good it is boring? Next I think I will grate some soap from the last stick of 250g Klar Kabinett I have left. After that I have (Only) 2 sticks of Arko and a Truefitt & Hill puck left. Looking forward to do tons of research on what new soap to get when I am done with this stash. Got helped tremendously by that the freezer was left unpowered unnoticed for some days with 900 grams of Cella in it. :)

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  18. My partial (80% +\-) Mikes Natural Barbershop has come to an end. Next up I will be clearing out about 7 samples, TOBS cream and Soap Commander various scents.

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