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    Congratulations Egmont!

    I have some way to go but finally finished my Wilki stick last night. It was a great product, I wouldn’t have known or expected much from it if not for this thread and @snowman s comments on it a few years ago.

    I’ll rotate a bit before settling on my next one; going for a soft soap or cream this time.
  1. Nice work. The little blue stick flies under the radar here.
  2. Actually, I pressed the remaining soap in the bottom of my scuttle. The Haslinger run should be a clean one.
  3. I finished the Pen's BB. Next up is a special one I have been saving. I figure I better use it before it goes bad.

  4. Love that brush!
  5. Thanks. I just finished it last week. It has a Maggards SHD, and its proving to be a fantastic knot.
  6. Just returned from out of town again and decided to not go with the frankensoap this trip. It's a gamble that was going to come back to bite me some day. Instead I opened my first Proraso Blue since it sounds like a good travel cream. Scent and menthol are nice, shave was good and post shave was excellent.

    While I was satisfied with my new travel cream I'm very happy to be back home with my Valobra. Enough so that I took a big whiff of that wet cardboard scent tonight and smiled. When I finally try C&S I'm afraid my journey may be over.
  7. Mystic Water Irish Traveler shave stick met with an untimely demise.

    I have two wonderful German Shepard's, both of them are retired "officers" from the local sheriffs K9 unit. SWMBO and I adopted them a few years ago...or perhaps I should say they confiscated our home a few years ago and allow us civilians to stay with them.

    Short story short...its a favorite game of both of these jokers to play "hide the contraband". I let them smell an object....I hide it....they see who can find it first. PS...they always find the object even if its hidden in hamburger or peanut butter. Anywho, the innocent shave stick was still in my partially opened travel bag on the floor and the object that was hidden was a T Shirt that I had just taken off. I noticed it was getting a bit ragged and was going to put it out as a garage rag, but the boys were anxious to play so I let them take a good whiff, put them outside, hid the t-shirt.....and.....oops, the days cologne was GIT and guess what scent MW Irish Traveler is based on. They found the shave stick before the shirt.

    My own stupidity. None of the soap was ingested but the plastic dispenser got cracked and most everything was covered with dog drool. Off it went to the local land fill.

    I'm not terribly broken up about this as I loved the scent and the performance at home was fine, but it was lacking on the road. Ironic, Irish Traveler was not a good travel companion.

    On a side note, if you are ever looking for a great security / home defense system to protect your loved ones....get a couple professionally trained German Shepards, one 73 pounds, the other a muscular 84. They are smart, loyal, and brave beyond words. We are grateful they chose to join our family.

    Up next, a shave stick that has been lurking in my drawer for several years....

    Palmolive Stick.JPG
  8. Snowman, Great story. I love GSDs.

    Enjoy the Palmolive stick. Among the very best shave soaps out there. If you like it, and ever travel to Germany, stop in a drug store or supermarket and pick up some. I seem to recall it was about a Euro, but not sure (2014).

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  9. Sounds a lot like "The dogs ate my homework." :a30:

    It's definitely the best story of why a soap got binned and an awesome game for your retired family.

    I'm back to Valobra. Nuff said.
  10. I probably could have washed the dog drool off and pressed the soap into a dish, but it was only a 4 star soap at best. Now if it had been Valobra it would have been saved. :).

    First shave with the Palmolive stick went fine. I don’t remember the last time I used it....years. Scent is as I recall, sort of a commercial soapy smell, not bad, not great. My first lather I had ended up with a lot of sudsy lather. It took some work to tame the lather down. End result was a very slick but somewhat thin lather that nevertheless provided a very good shave.

    It’s a good soap and won’t take me long to get the proper water ratio dialed in. This morning I used a large badger and I had too much water out of the gate.

    I’ve used Palmolive menthol cream several times this summer and have enjoyed it immensely. I’m setting it aside for now, but I believe i will 3017 it next summer. The menthol was refreshing.

  11. DE37D45E-E91D-47B1-9141-0E3542C4A5FC.jpeg
    Haslinger Coconut on deck. Going old school scuttle with it. I might still have a full week left of the LEA remnant, though.
  12. I like your scuttle. I have a vintage Col. Conk scuttle that looks like it.


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  13. Thanks! It was gifted to me by the wife of an elderly friend who passed. I like to use it with smaller soaps, and Haslinger fits nicely. It is by Burgess & Leigh.
  14. Very cool. How do you use it? Do you leave the puck in the scuttle all the time? Does it keep your lather warm?
  15. Here's my method:
    1) Fill the base of the scuttle with hot water and place it in a sink of hot water with the puck of soap up top and the knot of the brush below. Leave it while I shower.
    2) Pick the puck from the top of the scuttle and load the brush from the bottom of the puck.
    3) Rinse and place the puck aside on the soap dish.
    4) Face lather.
    5) Place the brush up top between passes to keep the knot and lather warm.
    6) After two passes and touchups, rinse and dry the scuttle and place the puck back up top.
    I've seen other methods, but this works for me!

    I think post #30 contains a plausible description of how these scuttles were used.
    Victorian Scuttle Mugs
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  16. beginish

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    Nice. I love the old school approaches.
  17. Thank you. I didnt think about loading the puck from the bottom and then putting it aside.
  18. Sure! Looking forward to using it this weekend. The LEA wafer has a few shaves left...
  19. I broke through and can see the bottom of my B&M Reserve Spice today.
    Getting closer...

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