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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by johnniegold, Jan 19, 2010.

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    Yeah, time is not a good indicator. I'm hoping at least 40 shaves. 50 would be ideal.
  2. Well, you specified daily shaves, so 30- 480 shaves
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    I think I was able to get a little more than 70.
  4. I weighed the soap again prior to today's shave. 76g. I have only used 4g in 7 shaves (although I do think that water content could have shifted some, too). I feel like I've been loading pretty heavily, and the lather has been dense and plentiful. Time to break out the Omega boar for a few shaves, I think, and knock this thing down some.
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    Coming to the end of my B&M Soap.jpg Today I was using my Chubby 2 and it was difficult to load the brush with the amount of soap I have left. I had to use my fingers to rub some of the soap on my face. So far, I have gotten 57 shaves (four passes on my face and two on my head) with probably one of two more shaves left. One thing that surprised me was I got about 20 more shaves from the B&M Seville. Nevertheless, I found it to be an excellent soap. Another thing that surprised me is how some smaller pucks that are denser seem to last much longer than softer, larger soaps. For example, I have been using [​IMG]

    as my travel shaving soap and have gotten 70 shaves from that soap. I have not made much of a dent in that soap.
  7. I'm around 50 2-pass shaves into a stick that still has just over half remaining.
  8. 1.5 sticks of Arko pressed into a mug lasted 60 shaves for me.
  9. rockviper

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    I am now two weeks of daily shaves into my Shaving Yeti, Mamacita on the Rocks and love the scent of this soap; it's really like a margarita with just enough cooling to make for a wonderful scent and feel. Alas, try as I might, the lather for the 2nd pass is almost non-existent with rapid dissipation, no matter how much I load for pass-1. I have now reverted to performing a top-up reload for pass-2, which means that this soap will be consumed much more rapidly than should be the case. A real shame as I love the scent.
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    A positive way to look at it is that you can appreciate even more how good the P160 is.
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    ... and I still have a nice amount of P.160 Tipo Duro to enjoy down the road. :thumbup1:
  12. I have not tried the Mamacita, but I have used the fruit punch one and yeti snot. I agree with the lack of lather persistence. I usually just splashed a bit of water and the residual slickness was sufficient to do a second pass. I wil probably 3017 my tin of Mamacita once I finish off my brick of Vitos and a few other soaps.

  13. So in about 10ish years, let’s say?

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  14. Just checking in to report that I finished off a puck of DRH Arlington after 205 shaves. There were a few chips left, which I put in my "Mutt Soap" jar.

    I used the Mutt Soap for a couple of days, then started a mug of vintage Old Spice shaving soap in a vintage Old Spice mug. The puck had about 40 shaves on it as best I can tell. Talk about a great soap!
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    Nice, my Arlington lasted 215 shaves back in 2014.
  16. F78AD7A1-C353-4466-8AA6-DB95DACDFA13.jpeg
    About 75 shaves on this tube of Lavanda. I expected two months, but it looks like I will get close to three. I use just over an inch of the cream from the small diameter opening, and I have lather left after two passes and touchups. The tube key is going to help me get every last shave out of the tube. Fantastic product. Allows me to blade buff my chin without fear of getting bit. Nice scent. Classic Portuguese cream.
  17. Now that you mention it, I bought my DRH Arlington on B/S/T and it was slightly used when I got it. Not sure about the conversion factor between "slightly used" and the number of shaves. :001_huh:
  18. Sorry about that one. :a30:
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    Hard to believe that was 5 years ago, @brucered :thumbup1:
  20. Hmm, a puck of DRH (Marlborough) took me 428 shaves. I think my brush must be defective because it apparently doesn't actually load any soap.

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