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    CRSW Citrus started 4/1 probably has 1 more shave let. I am trying to decide on the next soap and I am thinking either CB Glace Herbe or a mash up of some old Tiki bar soap Salty Air and Surfs Up partials, or as I will be calling it Salty Surf. They smell the same to me and the tiny containers they used to come in are hard to load so I combined them into and old Strop Shoppe plastic container and I have an approx. 4 oz glob now or about what 1 new tin would have been.

    Honestly I am not crazy about the Tiki scent but it is OK and I have this weird feeling of obligation to use up these soaps before I move on to my 'good stuff'. I used about half of each of these tiki's over the last couple years and recall it to be a decent performer. CB has a more interesting scent and a nice shot of menthol for the warmer weather but it is also the better part of the original 8 oz so it is a bigger commitment. Though decisions....
  1. I went through a tub of Glace Herbe last summer and it was really good IMO. I love menthol though. I'm not a religious 3017'er but one thing that trying to do it has taught me is that life's too short to spend a month or two on a soap that you're not really enjoying. If the Tiki or CB aren't doing it for you, move on to the good stuff!
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    It was hard to bring myself to do it, but once I got started it was really easy to sell or PIF (PIF mostly) everything that wasn't my "good stuff." Now I really like everything that's still in my den. If it's not making you really happy, dump it.
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    What Sam said.
  4. Finished can of Foamy (leftover from 2008 when I started buying soap and cream in tubs and tube).

    What’s remaining? Very stubborn ring of Fankensoap in the bottom of glass Tabac bowl and unopened tube of Macca Root cream.

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  5. First 2 days with this homemade soap have been interesting. I remember now that this is from the days when I wasn't superfatting as much, and my lather's not quite as slick as I've become accustomed to. I'll mess with water ratios the next couple of days and see if it makes a difference. If not, I'll toss the soap and move on to something else. I'm starting to think of this as a way to weed out everything but absolutely great stuff.

    It's also a great way to really put brushes through their paces. I have a couple of brushes I've acquired recently and one I've had for several years. Using the same soap daily will allow me to really see what these newer brushes can and can't do, and perhaps I'll wind up getting my brush total back to 1 or 2 over the next few months.
  6. Double whammy, both CRSW and After the Rain after shave both saw their last use last night. After the rain was pretty much straight orange to my nose so fitting that they went out together. Still mulling over what comes next, @hydro-magic and @bobmsp made some good points so I am probably going to sample a few things the rest of the week and see where that takes me.

    Overall CRSW was a very good soap, slick, easy to lather. Definitely a soap I would consider getting again but I would opt for a differnet scent as this was just OK for me.

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    @sgemmett I would recommend florals and/or citrus for the coming 3-4 months.
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    That’s impressive.
  9. How long will it take me to 3017 12 sticks of Arko?
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    @ approx 3 months per stick, you are looking at around 3 years, give or take 4-6 months either side.
  11. Sell all but two of them and use the money to fund future shave purchases.


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  12. I weighed my homemade soap today. 80g on the nose. I expect 40 shaves from that, loading very heavy. Could easily be twice that. We shall see. The lather was better today, but still not on par with the soaps I make now. But I like the scent and the lather is probably good enough to see it through.
  13. I get about 16 months out of a stick, so about 16 years for me.
  14. I stumbled across this excerpt from page 14 of this thread, and couldn’t help but laugh! Thought others might enjoy it too...

  15. Yeah, that's a good one. I think that I spread it over three or four days, and that was years ago when it was relatively short.
  16. hmm, must make a note to bring it up dripping with irony when we get to 1400 pages :001_rolle

    Not sure why but this thread struck a chord with me (and presumably others) at the start with a mission to use up a drawer full of soap. The learning to get the most out of a soap, was kind of a bonus.

    When binge reading the thread people seem to use up pounds of soap a day... so I was thinking hmm 60+ unopened soaps will be no problem... then you get to the end and read each episode as it is released every day or two and soaps can take months sometimes years! I personally don't load as much as possible and I am lazy and want to do/use as little as possible to achieve a easy comfortable shave (so I can move on the the coffee part of my day) so I guess I will finish those soaps when I finish them. Right now I am working through 800+grams of Vitos and have dialed it in pretty well but it will be quite some time before I will be able to report it as.... finished.

    Ruckin (enjoying the journey)
  17. Proraso Single Blade - Lime is going wonderfully. A healthy dollop produces a wonderful slick dense lather. I’m enjoying this 3017 effort greatly.
  18. Stopping by for an update. Just finished up a tub of B&M Bay Rum with about half a dozen shaves on it. No big deal, but by killing this soap I’ve burned up my original Stash:

    I’ve opened up a new tub of Pannacrema San Francesco for tomorrow’s shave. Including this soap I believe I’m down to 7 soaps in the stash.
    I’m figuring another year at most before I’m totally out of soap.

    Shave on gents.

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  19. Congrats @Gott543 . Now you choosing from seven, when they're gone you can choose from hundreds.

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