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My Grandpa's Razor passed down to me!

i get home from work to find my dad in my house talking to my wife and picking up some stuff we bought for them and he says "i dropped off a razor for you, it was your grandpa's". he pulls out what appears to be a "gillette flare tip rocket with a wilkenson blade still in it" (based on a quick google search". :001_tt1:

so i am ecstatic at this point to get it, something passed down, found in my parents basement, unused for years. so dad leaves to go get my mom and i got to work.

out comes the simple green, scrubbing bubbles, q-tips and maas polish. a while later, and i have this.

not a scratch on it, no plate loss, no dings, mechanics are SUPER smooth and it's nice and shiny pretty now! :w00t:

if anyone can identify the exact model and mfg year, it would be greatly appreciated. inside it's marked "BRIT. PAT. 694093" underside is marked "Gillette II MADE IN ENGLAND".

needless to say, i will be cherishing this one for years to come. if it was good enough for Grandpa, it's good enough for me. :thumbup: and my dad also said, he thinks there is another one downstairs somewhere. i'm not getting my hopes up too high. if he finds another, bonus, if not, this one is SWEET.

i should have taken some before shots, but here are the after shots. :lol: pics are without flash, but it is shiny and polished in person.

can't wait to try it out.


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Nice, very nice. Even more so because of the family link. My father just threw his out the best he can remember.

Certainly looks like a Flare Tip Rocket, no 13 here. Can't help with the dating more than late 1950s looking at the ones on Mr-Razor's site here.

I'm sure somebody else will be along with more info soon.
Definitely a Flaretip Rocket... probably a regular not the fancy one....Great find... Enjoy, as shaving with this can only bring memories of your gramps. Straights I have from my Gramps always cause a flood of memories every time I use them....


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Congrats on the Rocket.:thumbup: I hope it gives you many great shaves and many great memories.


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That's a beautiful piece of equipment, all the more precious because of the family link.



I have the same model and use it regularly. It works really well with Gillette Bleue Extra NOS and Astra Superior Platinum blades.

glad to hear that. i just got my order of 75 astras, i'll try it out this w/end.

thanks for all the great links and words guys. if i hadn't found B&B and DE shaving, my folks would have turfed this or given it to goodwill. now the folks have another item to look out for, for me (vinyl and razors). :lol:
Never thought of a razor I own making it's way into some future grand kid's hands! Congrats on the find - looks like it still has a few generations of use left in it. :w00t:

That's a beautiful razor and to think it was used by your grandfather. You are now shaving with a part of your family's history. I'm sure it will be well loved and well used until you pass it down to your heirs. Great job and thanks for sharing. :thumbup1:

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