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My Gift Exchange Contribution

My wife's extended family has a gift exchanged at Christmas where everyone picks a gift from the pile in turn or steals from someone else. I decided to make part of my gift this year. It turned out great.
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My photo skills are a bit lacking. Below the pen and case is a journal. The cover is cork. The wood on the pen is Bubinga with a beeswax finish.
If I received that as a I gift, I would certainly shout, "Bubinga!" And if someone asked how it writes, I could say, "None of your bees wax."

Well done.
Sorry for the late response.
It's a comfortable pen. I like heavy pens, so the weight didn't bother me. It might bother someone who likes lighter pens. The metal for the rifle casing part is thinner than an actual casing. If it was an actual casing it might be too heavy. As for writing they're pretty decent.
One of these days I'm going to have to try a different cartridge to see if there's a quality difference over the kit cartridge.
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