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My Flying Sub model

Did somebody mention "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"? I watched the series as a kid, and about 25 years ago did a model of the flying sub. Long before the internet, I painted it from memory. So basically the internal color scheme is off. But it's neat nonetheless.
The plastic display stand that came with the kit was decidedly cheesey, and I wasn't willing to risk my work to it. So I found a metal disc and fashioned my own stand. Here she is.




David Hedison just passed away recently - he will always by Captain Crane to me.



It was a great show. I used to love watching it after school back in the day. I have thought about getting the series on DVD but I have so many DVD’s now that I still have to watch. Thanks for the memories @Mr. Bonney.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Loved that cheesy show! Sci-fi with Navy uniforms and .45s!

Had the Seaview model (toy), believe it fired dart gun "torpedoes."

But the Flying Sub was the best! You did right.

I recall reading in some interview that at the time the show came out (in the early 60's), the U.S. Navy actually inquired and looked at the design of the Flying Sub to see if it could in fact be constructed for real military use. Must have been a proud moment for the special effects team for the Navy to actually be interested in something they came up with for a TV show!