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My First Vintage Gillette

My first vintage Gillette came yesterday, an Aristocrat. It was billed as a 1946-47. I'm not sure how one could tell as there isn't a date code anywhere on the thing. It's in nice shape with gold worn off of the doors but intact everywhere else. The doors operate flawlessly. i'm really looking forward to my first shave with it this morning!

$Gillette Aristocrat.jpg$Gillette Aristocrat2.jpg


Cheaper than ink
Very nice looking Aristocrat! It's easy to tell 1946-47 by the absence of knurling at the top of the handle by the neck. Early ones had the smooth lines.
You can also tell its a 1946/47 by the wings on each end of the center bar, and that it is not notched at each end of the center bar. I'm sure you will enjoy that classic. Those are among my favorites of all Gillettes. They are works of art!
The 'ristocrat is one fine razor. I replated mine in 24k which is pictured in the avatar. It gets the shaving duty on Christmas and New Years Day this time around.
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Outstanding tool. My go to in the rotation when I need a foolproof, easy shave. Got one coming in now that will be gifted to my son
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