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My first Swiss watch

I have been researching quality watches (and I thought razors were a rabbit hole lol!!!) found what I thought was a great deal on a Tissot PR 100 certified automatic chronograph. I plan to make this my every day watch. Should be here this week.

Would this watch be dressy enough for more formal attire? If not do you have suggestions for an affordable luxury?

Photo from the online store I will update with an actual pic when it arrives.

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You went with a fairly simple design. Should dress up or down equally well. Not terrible flashy, but nice enough that people with actual taste will notice when going formal.

Story time!

TLDR version: It doesn't matter how much money you spend to look cool. A well thought-out and simple design will hold up over time.

An acquaintance in high school and I both got watches at the same time. His parents got him some gaudy and flashy Rolex (I thought it looked terrible when he got it, but it was apparently a popular design at the time), and my parents got me an Armitron of some variety. Simple but well thought out.

We both wore those watches pretty much every day from 7th grade until high school graduation. We were in gym glass towards the end of that timeframe, and were both wearing our watches. Both had seen some pretty heavy wear but were still running.

When he saw that I was still wearing the same watch all those years later, he did a quick double take to his watch then mine. This is the conversation that followed.

Him - "Wow, is that thing really still running and keeping good time? Mine loses a minute every month or so."

Me - "Yup. Mine does the same thing at this point though."

Him - "Dang, yours seems to have held up pretty well too. How many times have you replaced the glass?"

Me - "What? Never."

Him - "SERIOUSLY? I've replaced mine about twice already. Guess you haven't really beaten on yours as much."

Me - "No, I've worn this pretty much everywhere. Formal events, splitting firewood for my grandpa. Doesn't really matter."

Him - "Jeez. The only reason I haven't gotten a new one yet is because my parents spent so much on this one they don't want to buy me another. I thought it looked cool at the time, but it looks dated compared to yours."

Me - "My parents will occasionally ask if its time for a new watch yet. I keep telling them no, and I'll keep wearing this one as long as it's still running. When it does quit, I'll try to find one that looks exactly like it."

Him - "Well... How much did you spend on yours? I'm pretty sure I know where this is going."

Me - "It retailed for around $50 or so, but it was discounted to around $30."

Him - "Ok, I give up! I don't know how much my parents spent, but I know it was over $500."
That’s a beautiful watch! Very classic, very classy. No problems with wearing that one on any occasion. I may need to pick one of those up...
Just my .02 - I don’t believe any mens watch on a bracelet (even if solid gold) makes for a good dress watch. A simple watch on a leather, or preferably alligator strap makes the most elegant and sophisticated impression. I’d also recommend saving longer - even if the wait is painful and getting something that’s heirloom quality - a la Omega, Stowa, Grand Seiko, etc. Grand Seiko, although not Swiss, is my strong suggestion. While Grand Seiko has mediocre bracelets, their alligator straps are good (not great though - I replace them with French made straps from the same company that makes JLC’s straps). The spring drive movement is absolutely spectacular (google it) and their dials and markers are the best at any cost in my opinion, and I own a number of watches that are as costly as a well equipped new Mercedes E class - and my Grand Seiko’s and Credor watches shame them. If you’re in Japan, or are a savy online buyer, you can find a reasonably good deal on one, but they’re still going to be in the $3k range - however the build quality and finishing will rival and beat almost any watch under $25k and quite a few above $25k as well.

I know $3k is a big step up... but even if it takes you a few more years, even if that few more years is 5 or more, the sense of accomplishment and the overall enjoyment from such a piece will be worth it... at least this is merely my opinion. Back in my college days when I worked two jobs and logged nearly 70 hours a week, it seemed like it’d take forever... but it was most certainly worth it for me.

With that said, you can get a perfectly superb Omega, especially second hand for under $2k (sometimes around $1k) which will also be outstanding... but in my opinion - I’d go the Grand Seiko route. You’ll be hard pressed to find Grand Seiko owners who aren’t over the moon about them. They must be seen in person to be fully appreciated, and they have this odd quality of growing on you - in that the day you acquire one, is the day you like it least (and most love them day one) as you slowly notice more and more tiny bit of detail that surprise and inspire as you stare at it over he of ownership. They’ve started to creep up in price though, I have a feeling in time, they’ll eclipse Omega and Breitling in terms of recognition.

Nomos, Tudor and Sinn are also stellar choices, and should outlive you as well.

Hope this helps!
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Yes, watches are a bigger rabbit hole and can put an even bigger dent in ones budget. :001_rolle I would categorize that Tissot as dressy casual, a versatile watch that could be dressed up or down with the strap depending on your personality and needs. IMO compared to what the average person wears it will not be out of place in most dressy situations.

I expect you know this, but be sure to understand the difference between Chronometer and Chronograph, as well as the discussions around various watch movements. That Tissot has a highly accurate quartz movement which might be so accurate it real life that it does not need resetting (ignoring DST) between battery changes and the 39mm size means it should be easy to wear. Though a regular Swiss quartz movement can be quite accurate without being certified.

Watches are quite personal and as stated above in a different way, it is hard to know how much one is going to really like, love, meh, a specific watch without holding in your hand and wearing it on your wrist. It is best to enter the rabbit hole slowly.
Very nice watch, Tissot makes a nice watch. My first automatic was a Rolex DJII the Mrs got me and it will be passed to my son as it should hold up if serviced well and that’s the trick, regardless of what is spent on a timepiece won’t it hold up if not serviced, not sure what Tissot needs for service but stay on the schedule

Congrats again on a nice watch, there is just something about an automatic over a quartz that is appealing
Looks good! I picked up a similar one recently making my first also! The Tissot Gentleman Automatic in rose gold with a black face and brown leather.
Look at Colareb straps from Italy (they're sold in the USA). It's not that a bracelet isn't dress and these days, the lines are a bit blurred. I really prefer their straps and as soon as you feel one, you'll understand the pricing. I like to put them on a deployment clasp to make them easier on/off and it keeps from stressing the leather. I've got one on a SARB33 and a home built nekid perpetual date clone.
Very nice watch and classic design. IMHO it will dress up or down quite nicely. You make the watch not the other way around.

For myself my watch is a 1959 Omega Seamaster Calendar gifted to me at the age of 16 by the owner of Ellis Coffee. It was his watch at first but he rarely used it preferring his Rolex's.

When I first received it I wasn't all that interested for the first two years and it sat in a drawer. I had my grandfather's gold Armitron at the time which I preferred. However I lost the Armitron at a girlfriend's house and needed to replace it. I picked up using the Omega and have never looked back. It has marked every seminal moment of my life and it keeps going strong and keeps excellent time. It's stainless with a stainless rice grain bracelet and it is understated.

I have gotten more inquiries and accolades on it than I can count. It dresses up and down. My family may bury me with it as I'll never look for another watch but I'd prefer it go to one of my sons should they accept it.

Use that watch in good health.



Nice Tissot, wear it with pride. I have several older Tissot watches that I used to wear from time to time. I will have to dig them out and start wearing them again.
It's not a dress watch, but people wear far worse in formal situations

when in doubt, no watch is the most formal

edit: nice watch btw, don't feel like you have to own something really expensive just because others do. I don't think I've spent over $150 on any watch and I own several very nice mechanical ones

I’d also recommend saving longer - even if the wait is painful and getting something that’s heirloom quality - a la Omega, Stowa, Grand Seiko, etc. Grand Seiko, although not Swiss, is my strong suggestion.
or go vintage :thumbup:

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Depends, in part, on what one means by formal or dress. Is it dressy enough to wear in a business setting with a suit and tie? I would certainly think so. Is it dressy enough to wear with black tie to a charity ball? Traditionally a gentleman does not wear or carry a watch to such a function. I would probably wear it though, it were the only watch i had and I wanted to wear a watch. Otherwise, Joel's comments are probably correct there. Although I would tend to smaller and more discrete. Say something that looks more like a Cartier tank watch.

I personally do not like the feel of metal bracelets and tend toward gator banks myself. I have mostly utilitarian, albeit automatic, watches. I am not careful enough to have nice things. :) Also, besides the initial cost outlay, I do not want to have to pay for the periodic servicing a nice watch deserves.
The watch arrived today! Really nice workmanship and quality! Really happy with the way it looks and feels. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions- want to make sure I’m making good decisions.

And...well...this one somehow made its way to my mailbox too. Is there and addiction disorder for watches? WAD? I think I am coming down with it lol!

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And...well...this one somehow made its way to my mailbox too. Is there and addiction disorder for watches? WAD? I think I am coming down with it lol!
WAD is how much money disappears if you keeping looking at watches and become an WIS (Watch Idiot Savant). :001_smile
Congratulations on the nice pair of watches.
A great looking watch and your photo is better than the one placed in the original post too.

Tissot is a brand I've intended to acquire, either new or a nice vintage example.

Like the Orient as well. The full set of Arabic numeral markers are appealing. I'm always drawn to twelve Arabic numeral markers on a dial.
Great looking watch. Tremendous value for the money-sapphire/COSC certified/80 hr movement/Swatch Group brand with good customer support.