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My first successful injector shave

I’ve tried a vintage Schick injector in the past, but was unimpressed with the “shave” I got from it. For the longest time I thought it just wasn’t for me, but I recently saw that Phoenix came out with an L1 clone and decided to give a modern version a try. Same results. Now I was admittedly using the personna blades with no key attached, as they were way cheaper, but after the getting the same results using a brand new razor vs an antique one, I decided to bite the bullet and spend the extra money on genuine Schick blades with the key. The difference was like night and day, and I now understand the appeal of the injectors. I will soon be trying the Schick blades in my vintage razors to see if I enjoy the shave in them as much as the new clone.

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Just like any other razor, without the right blades you won't enjoy the shave. Glad you gave it another shot, and decided to join us weirdos on the single edge board.
Brother Psycho,

Please give us a report about your injectors, using the Schick blades, after a week or more.

The E is very aggressive. Be careful and shave slowly. The Types L and O are very mild. The Type I and J are intermediate. And so forth

BTW injector blades typically last 2 or sometimes even 3 times longer that a typical DE blade for most shavers.

The coarseness of your whiskers is the determinant.
Good for you! I started on vintage Gillette DE’s and am now exclusively using straight razors end do touch ups with my Schlick Adjustable and Schlick type L. You’re at the tip of the iceberg! You can try out the PAL adjustable and all the different Eversharp razors too!

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I am glad you stayed with the Schick injectables and found the Schick blades. Please keep us informed of your progress and experience. There are experts here who have helped me learn about the history of these fine shaving instruments. They will help you also.
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