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My First Straight Shave - Video

Mentioned this is another thread about worst cuts shaving. Thought this video might be fun for others. I laugh at myself watching this now in hindsight.

I enjoy sharpening in general and enjoy trying different knives, steels, and stones and then testing the usefulness of the edge.

Last fall during hunting season, I sharpened my Randall Little Bear Bowie. The final step was finishing on a Dan’s Black Arkansas stone. The edge really turned out nicely and was tree topping arm hair.

I thought to myself, “this is so sharp, I bet I can shave with this edge.” Capt. Obvious somehow failed to ponder the 6” long blade, now razor sharp.

Yep, this goes exactly like you think it will.

Lathered up with Foamy, clipped on a cell phone to video, and got after it. Things went pretty well down the cheeks, then down the throat, ears are still attached, then even the upper lip. While repositioning to tackle my chin, the nice long blade caught below my lip on the side of my chin. It cut the dickens out of me, opening about a 1” cut that bleed for hours. Thankfully, the knife was so sharp, there was no felt sensation.

I enjoyed taking the edge to that level of sharpness, but decided that using a straight razor would be safer. So I started reading here and bought a straight.

My first interest here still really is in sharpening, which is why I mostly read and comment in the honing section. I enjoy learning about new stones to try and improving my sharpening skills. Discovering much improved shaves 45 years later is a nice bonus.

Anyway, that is my hello and introduction to the group here. I really enjoy reading here and the good natured discussions.

So, here is the video for some fun with a followup of the cut afterwards in case someone thinks the knife was not really sharp- it was.

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