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My first single edge purchase.

I won an auction yesterday for these three beauties $10.00 shipped. Question will a DE blade fit these or will I need a special blade that is assuming they actually work when I get them?

They are all GEM/Ever Ready model 1912.

You can use any SE blade from a Pharmacy in any of them.

DO NOT go off an put a box cutter blade in as they are NOT designed/ground for shaving, but for scraping/cutting. Only use a shaving SE razor blade
Looks like you got a very good deal! And I see no reason why they should not work - it's not like there's all that many moving parts. I love the handles on those old SE razors.

Around here, I get SE blades at Walgreen's (Personna stainless steel). Rite-Aid also carries SE blades (Treet). Expect to spend about $6 for a dispenser which has 10 SE blades.
As long as the blade stops are present, and the tab at the back of the frame is still strong enough to hold the cover plate tight and the blade in place you should be good to go.
Nice haul. 2 different handled GEM 1912's and an ER 1912. They'll all shave exactly the same, and should most likely still be in working condition. Just make sure when buying SE blades you steer clear of any packaging that says made in Korea. Those blades don't cut.
I received the razors today and bought a pack of blades at Walgreens. After cleaning I gave it a whirl and the results were pretty good. I have to work on the angle next shave. Is the face/ top supposed to be flush with the face when shaving with this type of razor?
I hear your supposto lay it flush then tilt it out a little till you get the buttering bread sound and its removeing your whiskers efficiently
Thanks for the advice. I am going to use this razor for a week and see if I can master it.
I've used the GEM for many years, and I pinch the handle between thumb and forefinger right up at the top of the handle in that smooth necked-down section. The middle and ring finger just rest against the handle to adjust the angle. That way the head floats a bit and you'll get the gentle touch you need with the SE.

Don't forget to try some blade buffing with it, the GEM lays down a nice layer of lather on the backstroke and buffs really well because of that.