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My First Shavemac - review

I got an older shavemac, a 25mm (maybe 24mm) with a rock-type cylindrical base similar to the ones used in the finest handmade ones.

it def. appears denser than my other brushes so i'm happy. the 25mm doesn't seem quite that big, just a tad bigger than my vulfix 2235.

shaving with it was nice. the bristles keep their shape, they are so dense that they don't move much when applying the cream. a lot of the cream that I made ended up staying stuck inside the brush, i'll need to work on it a bit more to get the lather out of it.

i've only used it once with cream. after i use it with soap i'll give a little report and get some pics of it.

i am happy with it but i could see how someone wouldn't like the denseness of it. i'm glad i have other brushes, i wouldn't want the denseness all the time. right now I think I like my EJ silvertip better. the bristles feel like they are of a higher quality and don't rely on just being 'really dense' as the main selling point.
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