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My first shave with a Tech

I've been shaving with the much lauded EJ89lbl for a few months now, and have figured out pretty much how to get a great shave every day (knock on wood). About a month ago, I bought a Tech on the bay, but was scared to use it until I was secure in my chops. Today I tried it and here's what I noticed. It seems to be more sensitive to the blade angle -- that is, the range of angles within which the blade cuts is narrower than with the EJ. I got a good shave using the same Astra I've been using, but noticed a couple of spots that aren't quite as smooth -- where my angle was wrong. Still, in going to keep hitting it regularly, while I wait on my NEW!
I have both and the tech is MUCH milder than the ej89lbl. I personally get a better shave from a tech as that's just how my beard is. A superspeed blue tip is even milder and is my best shaver. It can definitely depend on your technique/blade angle, but it can also depend on your beard type. I have a thick but soft beard and mild definitely works better for me.
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