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My first shave with a Super-Max Platinum.

I had another shave today using my Feather popular and a Super-Max platinum. I used my RR pre shave soap and lathered on top of it using RR Don Marco. The shave felt as though it was going very well and not much tugging or pulling. I did 2 passes WTG and XTG and had a DFS. I then used my RR alum and wow did it sting more than ever ! Then my neck was very red and irritated close to the worst ever with DE. I did a CWR then a cold towel and then used some neutrogena post shave lotion which always really helps the irritation and burn. It's better now but I don't know what caused this, I've definitely had shaves that felt rougher during the shave and didn't cause that much irritation. What do you think caused this ? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Marc
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