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My first shave brush (Don't Hate Me!)

Like most people here I couldn't wait to get started wetshaving my way to facial bliss. I have the most sensitive skin ever and store bought shaving foams made me break out like none other. So I bought a bar of shave soap from the drug store, but unfortunately they were out of those cheap boar hair brushes. So, my wifey gave me one of her old powder brushes and away I went. I eventually purchased one of those drug store brushes to replace the powder brush, and now I'm awaiting a badger silvertip brush in the mail. Man, I have to admit, you would not believe the rich creamy lather that fat powder brush makes not to mention how nice and soft it is on the face compared to old cheapy! Anyone ever tried it as a first option/last resort? Can I expect great results with the silver tip badger as well?
Some shave brush manufacturers also produce makeup brushes. They are very similar. The advantage of the shave brush is the amount of water they hold which is important for us.
Good to know. I know that my make-shift powder brush was definitely more difficult to load for obvious reasons. I just can't wait to try a badger brush for the first time!
you made the first step, and tried a brush, thats worth mega points to start with. So many of my friend were using gels and aerosols. I ended up buying them cheap brushes as birthtday presents, they were amazed. It may seem like a lot of money to shell out to begin with but the combination af a decent brush plus a decent creme or soap will pay back in spades over a crappy aerosol any day. Not only that but if you takle your time and have a decent shave as opposed to a frantic scrape you will feel better and have better skin in the long run. No more corned beef neck. Take your time, enjoy a shave instead of being a slave to it.
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