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My first resto attempt

So, found this old Fuller brush in an antique shop for a couple sheckles, liked the handle a lot, so I decided to try my hand at rehabing an old brush.

It went ok. The brush hairs were set in actual rubber, so that was a stinky and smelly and smokey affair with getting out the old knot. It was also set in like plaster or something, so that was also a ton of fun to break up and get out.

Overall it went pretty well. I did damage the upper part of the handle during my mad power tool work to get the old material out. Made the hole larger to accommodate new knot. This was kind of a pain, because this handle has a brass ring inset to the handle. But lots of sanding wheels on the dremel took enough away to get the new knot in...didn't have to take much, maybe 2mm.

Lots of sanding with different grits to clean up the handle and reshine it up when it was all sanded with some flitz. The bottom lettering wasn't in good shape to begin with, so that's pretty much lost.

Filled the bottom of the handle with resin epoxy, along with a bolt with washers and a nut to weight it up some. Filled that epoxy up to just above the joint between the two colors, leaving plenty of room for the new knot to set height.

Used rubber washers and silicon caulk to fill in to the desired set depth, and voila. Here she is. I haven't caulked in the knot yet, want to make sure this height is what I want first. This knot is a 24mm boss synth.

IMG_20190429_191020.jpg IMG_20190429_191050.jpg IMG_20190429_191410.jpg
Thanks! My biggest reason for wanting to try it, to be honest, is to get a weighted brush. Most brushes I've seen are so darn light...I like some weight :)

It was enjoyable, but I like to tinker, and have the tools. I imagine it wouldn't be as much fun for folks that don't enjoy tinkering with things, or lack the tools.
When you find a Ever-Ready 100T or the like, you can seriously add weight. It's a hollow-handled brush that is easy to modify and re-knot.
That's a good idea. If I find another to do, I'll use lead bullets, shot would be best to fill the void!
That's a good idea. If I find another to do, I'll use lead bullets, shot would be best to fill the void!
I had originally thought of lead but don't want any lead in my shaving gear. Even if it's encapsulated in epoxy. Just a personal preference. I haven't heard anything negative about tungsten. They make rings out of it and you can get tungsten fishing sinkers and bird shot for reloading.