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My First Proserpine Razor Co (S.K. Colling) Custom Razor


Girls call me Makaluod
Very sorry to derail your thread with more of my measurement nonsense. This is interesting to hear how the different profiles produce a different edge length, it makes sense. So this means that, give or take, an Aust with anything other than a round point would have a shorter edge too...
It's not so much the point style that shortens the edge length, although it can effect the length. I'm my case, it was the heel grind that shortens the length.
Ordered and paid 02 December 2021. Completed early February 2022. Posted express post domestic 14 April 2022. Received at last 19 April 2022.


Custom made exactly to my specifications. Cost USD 150 including shipping. Will see how it shaves tomorrow morning.
Wow! That price is amazing!
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