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My first pipe(s)...

I wanted to try pipe smoking, so I decided to buy a MM cob and a pouch of PA soft vanilla from a local b&m. Got it for $1.99!! But I got bored with it and wanted to try out a briar, so I bought a basket pipe at a different shop. It was about $25.. just wondering if I got a good deal or if I should've spent a little more for a better pipe. The only flaw I see in it is the stem isn't at the very bottom of the bowl. I think it smokes pretty good, but I'm a newb so I'm not the best judge..

If its not drilled right the pipe can smoke wet, or be hard to keep lit.

Fortunately a little Pipe Mud can fix that. Combine Cigar ash and a few drops of water until its like play-doh, and build up the bottom until its right.

Welcome to Pipes! :thumbup1:


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
Looks like you did good for a basket pipe. Spending more does not always equate to smoking better, usually just a pride of ownership issue at this point. You will need to get your technique down before you'll be able to appreciate the minor and subtle differences between an OK pipe and a great pipe. Enjoy the journey!
Nice set up you got. I don't think I've ever seen PA soft vanilla out in the wild. A basket pipe and a cob is probably the best combo to start with possible.
You are well on your way to pipe smoking enjoyment. There will be trials, but that is to be expected. You will get the hang of it. And trust me, your enjoyment will only increase, the more your techniques improve! Well done!
A wonderful world is ahead of you. Great first pipes. Now grab some full Virginia flake, a frog Morton and start exploring the world of great tobacco. :)
Nice combo there. Next step, get a nice blended tobacco. Peterson's makes some nice ones, as do others. Do some googling, maybe ask around your B&Ms for some Lane 1Q. Good stuff that.
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