My first month with a Feather AS-D2

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by PV29, Mar 19, 2017.

    Finally pulled the trigger and got one after obsessing and "stalking" this razor on the net. After using it for a little over a month, I am very happy with the purchase. Some observations:

    Using a Feather blade with this razor one quickly sees how this is a natural pairing. However, I had to adjust to the blade angle required with this razor, so I actually did get a few weepers despite this being a mild razor. The Feather blade even in this razor has to be respected.

    I've tried Personna Super Blues (Labs) and they perform incredibly in this razor. Perhaps the best I've used so far. As mentioned, I went through a learning curve with the Feather blade so I'll have to go back and give them a try now that I've dialed in the proper blade angle.

    Gillette Silver Blues are almost as good as the Personna's in this razor and will definitely be in the rotation. One blade which was especially good in this razor was Kai. They are exceptionally sharp and I find them a bit smoother than Feather's not as much harshness on my skin.

    Up this week, I'm trying a vintage Gillette Platinum Plus blade. These have always worked well in my Super Speeds and my Tech. Looking forward to a good couple of weeks of shaving because these blades usually last me two weeks at least.

    Overall, the AS-D2 is a great razor for me, it performs a bit better than my former favorite, the '51 Tech. My thanks to all the new niche makers of stainless steel razors who have created competition with the AS-D2 and thereby lowered the price enough for me to pull the trigger.;) I may show my appreciation some day by buying one of theirs.
  1. Northstonehill

    Northstonehill Contributor

    Very happy that you like the Feather. Me too. It was my entry into DE and it is still my best razor in terms of shaving quality. Enjoy!
  2. It is a great razor, well balanced and very mild.
  3. I like that:"Stalking". I really want to try an AS-D2 someday.

    My favorite razor is a 1950's Feather No. 1. It's aluminum, so I'm somewhat concerned about its durability. This razor is virtually a one pass wonder with a Feather blade.

    I just recently got a Feather Portable (production ended 2009) that's stainless. Not quite as easy to get a decent shave with. So I'm stalking from a different angle.

  4. Glad to hear you like the Feather.

    The AS-D2 is my favorite razor, followed very closely by the Timeless. I've always gotten very close shaves from it no matter what blade I've used, but my favorite is Personna Israeli Reds.
  5. In your opinion is it worth the $??? I have the loot but my worry is when I get done using it wondering if I should have bought it.
  6. Yes.
    I would buy one on the secondhand market if you aren't averse to such things. It will run cheaper and you will lose less if you dislike it and decide to sell it.
  7. This was the very reason why I "stalked" this razor for at least a year. Reading reviews, checking prices, etc. When the price was $225+ I didn't feel confident enough to buy it, the remorse would've been too great if I didn't like it. When it came down around $150 I got brave and took a chance.

    My previous go-to razor was my '51 Tech. Mild razors suit me better than more aggressive ones. I tend to "over-shave" sometimes with my three-pass routine (I'm trying to reform, honestly). The Tech gave me great shaves without irritation. More aggressive razors, like my Weber, can flame up my problem area, the right lower jaw and neck. The AS-D2 had a slightly steeper "sweet spot" for the blade angle than the Tech, and I got some weepers when I first started using it. But once I found it, it has performed as good or better than the Tech. Audible feedback is amazing, and it is balanced perfectly. Lastly, It is stainless steel and will be passed on down to my boys eventually, which is kinda cool.

    I feel your pain, but hey ..... you only live once!
  8. AS-D2 is a great razor I love mine. I'll be passing it along to my son or a grandson one day.
  9. Northstonehill

    Northstonehill Contributor

    +1 on all said. I do love mild razors too. And as regards whether the Feather is worth the money I would say YES without hesitation. I honestly don't think that I'll ever buy another modern razor, really see no point.

    But ... that has not deterred me from jumping into vintage razors, which I find - when all things are considered - the best of the best. Shaving quality is almost(!) up there with the Feather but in terms of story telling and overall 'feel' I find that they are the coolest thing ever. You really feel connected to history when you are using a 50-60 years old razor that still is in perfect working order. And the looks and simple mechanics of an adjustable are just beautiful engineering to me.

    But my Feather is still in my very regular rotation - and every time I use it I am simply amazed by both the build quality and the ease of shaving with it. And by the perfect results, I have so far NEVER had any nicks what so ever - which is more than I can say about my vintages.

    I say Go For It, anyone who are 'stalking'...!:thumbup1:

  10. LOVELY! Sometimes a product lives up to the hype!
  11. lancelot

    lancelot Contributor

    I have had a love affair with this razor since I started back wet shaving 4 or 5 years ago, but we have never hit it off for some reason. I'm going to try some of the different blades you mentioned and see if that will solve our differences.
    I've got some of the nice razors: Wolfman, Oneblade, etc., but the AS-D2, is to me, the girl I always wanted to date in high school.
    I've always regretted I didn't bite the bullet and buy the stand with the razor. It sort of completes the package, and I can find no place to acquire one now.
    Best regards,
  12. I tried a vintage Gillette Platinum Plus blade this morning. If you have one of these great blades, give it a try, Ron. This morning's shave was awesome. Two days' worth of stubble had no chance, and very comfortable!

    If you don't have one of those, the Personna Super Blue seemed a natural match for this razor.

    Good luck!
  13. lancelot

    lancelot Contributor

    I thought you might have an interest in my experiment this morning. I used my AS-D2,a new, but corked Feather blade for the right side and a Mach 3 with a several times used cartridge for the left. CF pre-shave lotion, and CF lime cream. The right shaved smoother with less tugging so I thought I had found the solution.
    30 minuets later I am getting a burn on my right, lower, cheek(my usual trouble spot). I think I am going to have to throw in the towel with de razors and blades. I must be one of the odd people who gets more comfortable shaves from cartridges.
    Best luck,
  14. Northstonehill

    Northstonehill Contributor

    I'm really sorry if you must give up DE's, try everything before you do!

    As for the AS-D2 stand I found out that it simply is not possible to buy one separately. The stand is actually made in the same production process as the exact razor it is paired with! - Irritating for you and me, as I didn't get one either. But very cool, I think, for some reason. Makes it very unique. And incidentally I found a knock-off that works just as well - at

    I feel for you and hope that not all DE hope is lost just yet, Sir!
  15. How long have you been shaving with DE razors? I an likely s slow learner but it took me about eight months before I started to really get better.

    Now I am eight years in, and there is no comparison. I much prefer a DE to a cartridge. However, I still do some cleanup with an Area and if I have no time, I'll use the Atra for an entire shave. This happens about 4 or 5 times a year.
  16. lancelot

    lancelot Contributor

    NSH & KF -
    I really appreciate your interest & encouragement. You're right, and I 'll give it a few more tries. Maybe WTG ONLY for awhile to see if that cures the problem. I've been trying to relearn DE shaving for about 5 years now. Seems like long enough to work the bugs out, huh ?
    I'm still mad at myself about the Feather stand. I have the Fendrihan version and have to shim it to get the razor to sit properly, plus it's a different finish. Serves me right for not getting it with the razor.
  17. I Love the AS-D2! Especially when it comes to the ATG pass. It's great for that. @lancelot , don't give up, just go easy.

  18. Well if anyone (lancealot) decides to throw in the towel or is lurking around here and has one to get rid of let me know. I just used my Muhle 89 with a brand new dorco prime and I can't imagin it can be any better than that but if I could find a nice used one I'd take a chance. FYI if you haven't tried the prime it I absoloutely fantastic in a mild razor but will carve ya up pretty good in an aggressive one.
  19. You say the razor is mild.

    Do you mean mild like the EJ DE89 or the Merkur 34c? both of which i love.

    Or mild like the Feather Popular that i found boringly mild and gave away after a few lousy shaves?

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