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My First Impressions With Tabac

After using and thoroughly enjoying Tabac one day, I brought the milk glass jar to my wife to sniff. I asked her what it smelled like. "Powder" she replied. "It smells like Aunt Elsie and Grandma."

I said that some describe it as "the inside of an old lady's purse." She nodded in agreement vigorously.

I still like it :)
When I first tried it 4 months ago I thought " it's not so bad I've smelled worse" (PAA blue samhain the scent make me wanna puke) but when I first started face lathering (tabac stick) with my SOC boar brush the scent had a nice bloom of scents it took me back to when I used to visit our local barbershop usually the oldest guy there would give me and my pops the best haircut exactly the way we wanted every time without fail and my pops would get a straight razor shave from him every now and then. He was a master at his craft, he was the only one of all the barbers around 4 or 5 of them he had his name engraved on the leather chair and his name was on the mirror (Mr. "Jumbo" Jimmy) I miss him. but nowadays I hate barbershops atleast where I live just a bunch of young wanna be thugs who just graduated barber school and blast hip hop on the radio all day. That's why I just learned to cut my own hair and I shave my face daily. I might try some tabac aftershaves and cologne soon. Happy shaves brothers
Join us! 😃

It was this forum that guided me to Tabac a few years ago, kept reading on how great a lather it produced but also the very polarised opinions on scent so had to grab it for myself to try. Lather is amazing as we all know but I never had a strong opinion on the scent initially.. didnt hate it but also didnt love it

in time I came to actually love the scent, just love that old school vibe it has going for it and always planned to have some on hand. Upon learning of the ingredient change, I quickly grabbed as many as I could find with the tallow formula and ended up with 12 pucks.. also ended up with the cologne and splash

the missus usually doesnt think to much about scents, so dont really get much comment from her when I apply but after my first application of the cologne she actually asked what it was, which i found strange.. She really loves the scent, and she aint a grandma :)

good thing for her cos its my main go to
Constantly, as many of you may agree, I see a whole lot of praise with Tabac, especially the stick. So I've been itching to try it. Finally picked up a stick. Here are my first thoughts.

Scent: I'm a bit surprised, but also a bit disappointed. I wasn't quite sure what to expect for scent, maybe something kind of like Alt-Innsbruk, but not what I got.
I recall seeing that you're either a lover of it, or you hate it. I don't love it, but I also can't say I hate it. It's very old school and it reminds me of old smells at the grandparents when I was a kid, which I do like that. The scent also isn't very powerful to me. I really enjoy good smelling products.

Lathering: It lathered extremely well. I was kind of shocked at how well it lathered, actually. That said, I learned I do not like face lathering at all. Doesn't feel good to me. Could have been the brush(Progress Vulfix Badger), but all I have otherwise is a synthetic, and I figure that might be scratchier?

Shave: It was great. One of the slickest I've ever had. Got a sample pack of Big Ben blades that I got as well that I used which was real nice.

All in all, I feel like I would be more inclined to use it if I got a puck instead of the stick. I will try again, but I also got a handful of Stirling samples to have fun with.

You need to get the Tabac aftershave as well.
I have that, as well as the EDT. Great way to finish up the Tabac shave!
Tabac [tallow] version is analogous to my love for beer. First few sessions I just did not understand why my buddies were giddy over 12 packs of PBR. With time, I could pop open a barley pop r breakfast. Back to Tabac: Great lather, great pricing, love the packaging, the BALM&AFS are wonderful. And I crave the Tabac scent - [and crave Shiner Bock not PBR]. [emoji15][emoji14]

Tallow rest in peace. [emoji17]

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I have to say I prefer Tabac in stick than puck. I trashed 3 pucks BEFORE donut appeared because it always got mushy and would not lather anymore. With stick I don't have that problem
I gave it a smell this morning and it’s definitely more intense after getting some use, which I was hoping for.
I also expect the scent to grow on me, but I also thought the same with Clubman Special Reserve, but that didn’t work out.
I found the smell of Tabac almost unbearable when I first opened it. Fortunately, the smell fades after a few weeks. Just put it aside for a month or two if it's bothering you.
Thought I'd give an update. I was going to do it awhile ago but had forgotten.
It took me 3 uses to decide that I loved it. I ordered the aftershave. I received it in the mail and had realized I accidentally bought the cologne... shucks... I guess I have to buy the aftershave still. Honest mistake as the bottles are identical, I just can't read sometimes I guess.
Anyways, I love it, and when I showed the girlfriend she made some noises she hadn't made since we started dating.
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