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My first grey hair

I'm pretty upset this morning. :frown:

I woke up today, and as I usually do, I stood in front of the mirror and stared at myself. Just above my right sideburn, I noticed something glistening. At first I thought it was just the sun coming through the window. It wasn't. Then I thought it could be some paint that had gone on my hair. Until I realised that I haven't been near any paint for about 2 months. I got a pair of tweezers and plucked it out. Yep - it was a grey hair.

I shouldn't really be bothered right? Grey hair is just one of those things that will happen to us all eventually. Yea..true. But did I mention I'm only 24? :frown:

I'm not exagerrating when I say I'm really quite upset. I know I shouldn't be. There's far worse things in life. But I can't help it. My mum tried to reassure me by telling me it's just a one off, but I don't buy it. I'm convinced that in a couple months time, I'm going to be covered in greys. :frown:
I know some guys that are in their late 20's that are completely bald, I know others that have a full head of gray hair, then most have a nice full head of hair. At 39, I have a few grays myself but it's hardly noticable and I've had them for a number of years already.

All I can say is relax and have a beer. And mostly don't worry, your anxiety might give you more than gray hair.
I had this grey patch of hair in the back of my head. Its no longer gray as I bald from the inside out. Now some people get this really good thick head of gray hair--Anderson Cooper for instance, and the world loves it. For me no such luck so I sahved it off with a crew cut. Easiest thing out there, No. two clipper cut. Don't have to worry about hair gels or combs. Just wash and go. Anyone, even yourself can do it. So on that note--I would recommend a crew cut.

IF it stays at one,, dont sweat it, I have one above the side burns aswell,
I have one at my pubes aswell now that was a SHOCKER ! the day I found out about that but since no one notices that im not too worried about it.(hope this doesnt fall into TMI ? :eek: )

I got full hair, and not going bald , I had some chemical perms in my teenage time lucky only a few. lets just keep it at I was with the Michael Jackson Era.

Right now I take a simple haircut short as possible, Im thinking of growing it long like I once had a pony tail aswell but now Id like the Samurai tail very long and up sky high. too much work..shaving already is an even of the day......
I shouldn't worry about one grey one! my hair started falling out when i was 18. Pretty good bald patch by the time I hit thirty when what was left started turning grey!

There's now more bald patch than hair so I also go for the "British" haircut as the rest of Europe calls it, the very short or crew cut, the number 1! Far better than a rug!

I've had the same bottle of shampoo for over a year!

So forget it, it makes you look distinguished...

When I was 19 my mother noticed several grey hairs. Now that I'm 36 I've got more grey hair than brown. I now have more grey than several people twice my age. That doesn't bother me. It's the big white skunk patch in the middle of my chest that bothers me. Go figure.
Goosemeplease said:
Better grey then gone! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

You better start eating your words there! :D

Creslin said:
When I was 19 my mother noticed several grey hairs. Now that I'm 36 I've got more grey hair than brown. I now have more grey than several people twice my age. That doesn't bother me. It's the big white skunk patch in the middle of my chest that bothers me. Go figure.

Your grey patch on chest can be easly taken care off, it's called wax :)
One of my little tricks that I use when something trivial is getting me down is to think of people who have it much worse - it reminds me not to complain about my insignificant problems. I noticed that my hairline was slowly moving back when I was about 22 (yeah, most of my hair is still there now - but the hairline is moving back slowly)... I was upset for a few minutes until I remembered a good friend from highschool who had lost most of his hair by the time he was 16 or 17... this makes the very mild recession of my hairline so insignificant that it doesn't bother me.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Ok - I think I'm over it now (well maybe not totally) It was just the initial shock of seeing it I think. That's all. :eek: And before everyone here thinks I'm some vain, self-obsessed poser..... that's not really the case. I had spots during my late teens and early 20's. - Nothing too major, but enough to make me feel low and withdrawn. I just don't want another reason to feel like that again. :confused:

Growing old depresses me. :biggrin: Seriously, I mean it. I don't know what the psychological term is, but I do have a fear of getting old. Thinking about it used to affect me quite a lot. I can't see myself reaching 40 or 50. I always thought I'd die before I reach 40. My teenage years came and went like nobody's business, and the same is happening with my 20's. Before I know it, I'm gonna be 30 - and I haven't even done anything yet.

ehhh... I'm getting depressed just typing about it. I'm gonna go an watch some cartoons. :tongue_sm

I think we all can sympathize with you over finding your first grey hair--its a bit of a shock to the system, eh?

It also reminds you that you are indeed getting older--which is, by the way, far preferable to the alternative :biggrin: --and that you won't live forever. Again, a blow to your system but not at all a surprise, eh?

On a serious note, if you are a healthy man in your mid-20s, your being depressed over a grey hair should be a rather fleeting sort of feeling. Try not to obsess over things that really don't matter--like grey hairs (yup--more are on the way!)--and take stock of what you do have--hair.

And not having hair is not really a problem either--nothing quite so sad as a guy with a rug. What's the saying? "There's no such thing as a good toupee.":biggrin: Enjoy the greys and welcome to the club!
Hmmm. . .now that I'm married I can see what happened to my hair just fine. Its on my pillow in the morning, in the sink and tub after I shower. . .:tongue:
There was a guy I knew in HS, by the of his sophmore year he had practically no hair left on the top of his head, he had grown the back out into a pony tail (kinda the balding biker look), and the hair he had was either naturally a very white blonde or was completely white color grey.
I'm 23 and have had a few grey hairs for almost 10 years. But thankfully it's only around 10 or so. Still a pain to grab & pull them out when they get long.
I always say any color as long as it's hair.

You guys that pull it out are nuts!

(My temples are quite grey and have been since my early 20's but who cares; still hair)
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