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My first find in the wild

Last weekend I made my first find in the wild: a Gillette New Type. The head doesn't look like an Old Type and the only markings on the head are under the base plate where it says, "made in usa" and, "Gillette". On the handle it say, "patent pending, January 26, 1920".
It's a great little shaver that gives smooth shaves as long as you ride the cap. The first time I used it I think that I got a little too steep and it bit me a couple times.
I found it at a little antique store that had a bunch of vintage Gillettes and a few injectors that I didn't recognize. They had a travel size Tech that I'm thinking about going back and picking up because it looked like it had never been used.
I picked up this New Type for $18.
Here it is pictured on the stand with my PAA Solar Flare.

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Hannah's Dad

Looks like a NEW Long Comb with a ball end handle. I can’t see the baseplate; but it doesn’t look like a Goodwill. Either one is an awesome, smooth shaver. Congrats!
I'm leaning towards it being a new type ball end. Supposedly, they made the long comb new type with that handle.

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I dont believe it's a Goodwill because of the head design. It has a smooth top cap with no holes in it.

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I also don't believe it just has a ball end handle because the ball end Tech handles were slightly different.

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