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My first ever DE shave, mhule R89, Erasmic original cream and gillette 7'oclock blade

Just goes to show my sensitive my skin is. Even before I touched my skin with the razor, I could feel the erasmic burning my face!

The shaving itself was an experience, I never cut myself once but had some serious razor burn at the end, which is to be expected with my skin type.

I found my face very easy to shave, my neck on the other hand, I found very difficult, I found it hard to maintain an an angle on the curves of my neck to jawline.

Just thought I would tell you guys this cool story! :sleep:
Don't worry about not getting the angle right your first go. The neck is still a little tricky for me but, it's getting the the there just the same as yours will.
Neck, jawline, and upper lip are usually trouble spots. It just takes practice and learning what directions your beard grows. I usually wind up J-hooking my neck and blade buffing my jawline and upper lip.

Don't worry, it will improve with practice.
Sounds like you were having a reaction to something in the Erasmic. Try a different or unscented soap or cream to see if the burning sensation stops.

Good advice here. Try another soap/cream and see how you go tomorrow. Remember to only use very light pressure - you can always do another pass if you miss something on the first run!
Try an unscented cream or soap. You can also stretch your skin upward at the jaw line, resoap and shave. That is how I do it. Many choices and options. Good luck.
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