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My first ever BBS shave with ZERO alum burn.

GUYS GUYS! ok first off I'm waaaay more excited about this than I should be. Second this is the very very first time I have had a BBS shave EVERYWHERE on my face and neck. To what do I attribute this too? BULLFROGGING! I thought nawwww that looks retarded and cant work. Well today I tried it. Fresh out of the shower I tried my first bit of C.O. Bigalow (rebranded proraso green which I also had never tried) shaving cream on my synthetic Maggards 26mm brush. Grabbed my Slim, set that sucker on 5, popped a fresh Pol Silver in it. Three passes later and BAM! BBS everywhere. Now here was the test. I grab my alum block and much to my surprise... no burn... wait.. I go over my neck again... no burn.. NO BURN!!!!!!! I freak out a little and start to faceterbate. I grab some Clubman Pinaud (also first time. Love the smell, a little old manish but in a good way) slather that on and step back. Commence more faceterbating. All because I gave myself a double chin...... Thank you for reading that entire long arse post. Yall have a good night.
I had that happen the other day. New razor with a Personna Red. Fantastic shave. Used the Alum block and had no sting at all. I thought maybe my Alum block had worn out.
Next day I popped in a Lab Blue and went to town. Really close shave. Used the Alum and found out it was alive and well. My face was on fire! Some day I will learn.
Congrats on the BBS.
Awesome! I had a great shave yesterday with my Slim on 5 (first time on that setting). I think that may be the magic number. Here's to many more BBS shaves for you!
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